Did you know that 9 out of 10 adults haven’t tried using an adult sex toy?

Can you believe that?

Well we’re on a mission to change that and bring the fun back in to the bedroom.

Humans are known as the playing animal since we are the only species that play, but why do we stop playing after out childhood?

Playing as an adult has never been more fun, if you just want to play alone at home or want to join in on some intercontinental virtual reality sex, the options are endless.

Who are we:


I’m Bjorn the main guy behind atoyz.com

I have been in the adult sex toy industry since 2010 and belong to the 0.000001% of the worlds population that owns more than 10 penis pumps!

That’s right more than 10…

I’m a huge fan of them and recommend them left and right to men in need.


I’m Marcus Galarza one the the authors at atoyz.com.

I’m a big fan of toys for adults and have been enjoyed playing with them since I was 21 years old.

This website is all about adult toys for men and how they can help you improve your sex-life.

I write reviews about penis extenders, penis pumps and blog about sexual related topics on my blog here.

I really hope this site will help pick the right toy for you.


Hi there, I’m John the tech guy behind Atoyz.com. I have an engineering background and a love for new technology including
sex robots and virtual sex toys.