Best fleshlights

Fleshlights belong to the family of masturbators and are among the most popular sex toys for men. They provide the male sex with intense stimulation for pleasurable moments with intense orgasms.

The shape of a fleshlight is reminiscent of a flashlight, which is why the name of the toy is also derived from the English word “Flashlight”. From the outside, a fleshlight looks very inconspicuous, but when the cover of the case (Case) is unscrewed, it shows its peculiarity.

This is in the SuperSkin material of the removable inlay. It is soft and cuddly and feels very natural. In addition, it is easy to clean and also great for skin-sensitive men. Depending on your preference, there are the inlays with vagina, mouth or anus opening. Different structures of the love tunnel additionally provide new pleasurable experiences.

Fleshlight masturbators

  • Consist of case and insert (with rib structure)
  • Opening with an anus, vagina or mouth
  • Unobtrusive optics, compact dimensions, high degree of stimulation
  • Can be used for a long time with proper care
  • Large selection of different models


A Fleshlight Masturbator consists of two different components made of different materials:


  • Optically unobtrusive plastic housing
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Provided with screw cap = Ensures discretion and protects the sensitive interior material
  • Variant: Masturbator, which visually corresponds to a beer can
  • In many models closure at the back, through which a lust-increasing suction effect is produced


  • Structural channel of skin-like material
  • “Reel Feel Super Skin”: patented material whose composition is kept secret by the manufacturer
  • Contains no silicone, latex, plastic or plasticizer (phthalates)
  • High elasticity and elasticity

Which fleshlight series are there?

The selection of fleshlights is getting bigger and bigger. In addition to different essays, forms and structures, the manufacturers are always come up with new ideas to allow a more realistic sex feeling for the man. To give you a better overview of the different Fleshlight series, the most popular Fleshlights of the men’s world are presented below.

The original Fleshlight

All fleshlights are equipped with the soft SuperSkin material. The smooth channel of the original series ensures a particularly realistic feeling of self-satisfaction. Over time, the classic has not lost in popularity.

He is especially sought after by sensitive men who want to experience their male performance long and hard. The product is suitable for beginners, but also for experienced men.

Fleshlight shaped like your favorit pornstar?

Another special feature of the Fleshlight masturbators are the Fleshlight Girls. Well-known pornstars like Nikki Benz, Eva Lovia and Riley Reid have provided their vagina, mouth or anus imprints for the Fleshlight series.

The thought of having soulful or intense sex with the Lieblinspornodarstellerin excited many men in addition, and prepares them so an even more pleasurable solo adventure.

The Girls series is equipped with the so-called lotus structure. This structure should feel the penetration as emotionally as possible. The penis is inserted through a very tight smooth opening.

Then the man feels an intense resistance. The glans is sensually stimulated by four chambers, which is perceived by many men as an intoxicating feeling. With the Girls series of Fleshlight masturbators intense highs are guaranteed.

Fleshlight Signature Collection

The extension of the Girls series is the Fleshlight Signature Collection. In addition to the individual footprints of the Fleshlight Girls, the inlay structures were also adapted to the porn actresses. From heavily grooved to smooth, the Signature Collection gives man (s) an intoxicating experience.

Fleshjack – men for men

So that gay men are not neglected, the Fleshjack series was developed. Male porn actresses such as the well-known porn triplets Jimmy, Joey and Jason Visconti provided their oral and anus imprints for the Fleshlight masturbators.

So you can have a sensual anal pleasure with the man of your lustful fantasies or enjoy an intense blowjob from his replicated mouth.

The Fleshjack is equipped with the Forbidden structure, which makes anal sex incredibly realistic through wave-like inner structures.

Fleshlight Ice

The Fleshlight Ice offers another exciting twist on solo sex. Due to its transparent housing, you can see exactly how your penis is stimulated by the special Crystal interior structure.

The structure of the Fleshlight Ice series offers you a varied pleasure. In addition to differently sized pimples, you will also be spoiled by stimulating grooves.

Stamina Training Unit

The Stamina training series of the Fleshlights provides not only sensual moments but also for a more intense and longer lovemaking with the partner . The series was specifically designed to train your steadfastness.

It is the intensive stimulation to resist and stop shortly before orgasm. Then continue slowly until you approach the climax again. With the Stamina Training Fleshlight you will not only have intense orgasms, but you will be able to enjoy them even longer – solo or with your partner.

How to use a fleshlight or rubber muffi?

After the cover of the housing has been unscrewed, the best piece of the man is simply inserted into the opening of the fleshlight. Just entering the narrow opening is very exciting.

After insertion, you can control the intensity of the stimulation by self-controlled up and down movements. The material perfectly adapts to every penis and creates a feeling of real skin contact.

All fleshlights have a regulatable vacuum effect that holds the penis firmly in place. At the rear end of the hard housing, there is an air passage opening, which can be opened differently wide.

Every Fleshlight comes with a sealing ring, which completely closes the air outlet. So the Fleshlight comes out without vibration and spoils you by a strong suction on the penis. The glans is additionally massaged by the inner exciting structures.

For a better lubricity when entering the love channel sufficient lubricant should be used. It should be noted that only water-based lubricants should be used. Silicone-based lubricants could damage the material.

To make the Superskin material feel even more realistic, we recommend warming up your Fleshlight with a sleeve warmer before soloing. The inlay will then feel even more supple and true.

How do I clean my fleshlight correctly?

The correct hygiene of your sex toys is very important. So if you want to enjoy your fleshlight or other sextoys for a long time, you should follow some rules. First of all, your sex toy should be thoroughly cleaned before and after each use. It is sufficient to rinse your toys thoroughly with warm water.

Cleaning your fleshlight is very straightforward. The inlay is taken out and can then be cleaned quickly and thoroughly with warm water. Also, the housing should not be neglected and thoroughly cleaned of residues. After the inlay has dried properly, you can put it back in the case and screw the lids.

For an even better cleaning result and to prevent bacteria, it is recommended to additionally use special toy cleaners for disinfection. In addition, you can sprinkle your Fleshlight with a special Fleshlight Renewing powder and thus ensure that the soft material remains supple and sensitive.

In addition to high-quality cleaning products for your sex toys, you will find in our online store great sex accessories , with which you will have even more fun on your Fleshlight. Just take a look around and let yourself be surprised what the world of fleshlight masturbators is all about.

Cleaning a fleshlight in five steps:

  1. Remove the insert from the case.
  2. If possible, turn the inside of the insert outward (“turn to the left”).
  3. Rinse both components thoroughly with warm water. Do not use soap or the like. Besides you, instead, a Toycleaner, for example from Fleshlight.
  4. For disinfection, the Fleshlight should then be treated with an antibacterial spray. Alternatively, you can also use pure alcohol.
  5. Before the next use, the masturbator must be completely dry.

Fleshlight accessories

Fleshlight wash
Fleshlight Wash is a disinfecting cleaning spray designed for use with a Fleshlight Masturbator. However, it is also suitable for cleaning any other sex toys. The washing gel is free from alcohol and does not greasy. Available size: 100 ml

Fleshlight Renewing Powder
The care powder of the company ILF serves primarily to obtain the properties of the skin-like Superskin material of Fleshlight sex toys. After each use, the masturbator should be rubbed with the Renewing Powder.

Fleshlight FreshLube
Fleshlight also sells a variety of lubricants in the area of erotic drugstores. The products of the FreshLube series are usually water-based and are particularly suitable for use in combination with a Fleshlight masturbator. The range also includes cooling or warming lubricants.

Available sizes:

  • 30 ml (trial size)
  • 100 ml
  • 250 ml

Fleshlight Shower Mount
A shower mount is an attachment that allows hands-free use of a masturbator. It is attached to the wall by means of a suction button so that the Fleshlight can also be used spontaneously in the shower.
Thanks to this wall mounting, a Fleshlight can also be used freehand.


Using a Fleshlight Masturbator is easy and intuitive. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using:

  1. To ensure that the Fleshlight survives the transport undamaged, there is a plastic rod inside the insert that holds the structural channel in shape. This transport lock must be removed before first use.
  2. Since the penetration – especially for the inexperienced – in the Fleshlight Masturbator can be painful, we recommend the use of a sufficient amount of lubricant. The Reel Feel Super Skin material is sensitive to oily agents, so the lubricant used should be water-based.
  3. During use, in many models the negative pressure can be regulated by a closure on the back of the masturbator. A particularly intensive suction effect can be achieved by completely closing the lid.
  4. The use of Fleshlight can be sensitively intensified by some tricks: If the masturbator is placed in warm water for about 20 minutes before use, the temperature also reminds of a real sexual partner.


Q: How realistic is masturbating with a fleshlight?

A: The use of a masturbator is not comparable to real sexual intercourse. Nevertheless, a fleshlight comes close to real sex in that the material evokes the texture of real skin and the inner channel has a strong structure. The opening in the form of a mouth, anus or a vagina also provides an optical strengthening effect.

Q: How to make the application of a fleshlight even more realistic?

A: Thanks to the skin-like material, the structured inner canal and the special opening in the form of a vagina, anus or mouth, the masturbation comes very close with a fleshlight of real sexual intercourse. The feeling can be intensified if you bring the masturbator to body temperature. You can either use a commercially available sleeve warmer or place the fleshlight in warm water for about 20 minutes before use.

Q: Is the flashlight also suitable for couples?

A: The product was designed especially for masturbation in men. However, it is also possible that this article is used in foreplay . In this case, the woman can use the masturbator to get the man in the mood. But even after sex, the fleshlight can be used to bring the man to climax .

But even for women, the use of this sex toy can be stimulating. As an example, here a masturbator can be named, which was made of transparent material. In this way, the woman receives a special insight into the self-satisfaction of her partner, which can certainly be used as a visual incentive.

Q: Is the Fleshlight a discreet masturbator?

A: Especially at the beginning it may still be necessary to get used to the use of this sex toy. Since this is always about the private pleasure, the article can certainly be described as discrete. In any case, no man should be embarrassed by the use of the product, as it is quite natural to look for sexual satisfaction.

How can I choose the right fleshlight?

In any case, it is important to consider which function and which result is expected when using the sex toy before buying it. Here there are above all the following orientations:

  • Realistic sex experience
  • Pair masturbator
  • Fleshlight for more stamina during sex

Based on this rough orientation, customers then have the opportunity to look more specifically for a Flashlight that meets their wishes and expectations . But it can also be just as sensible to test the goods yourself.

For this product can be ordered from Amazon, which have been rated with many stars . Thus, the interested parties get a good product to make themselves in the masturbation picture of this. Then it is easy to choose which properties the next fleshlight should fulfill.

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