Best male masturbators

Is it wrong to use male masturbators? This is a question many people asked. It is a topic worth discussing on the basis of morality and religion. But as the discussion continues, keep in mind that the same subject isn’t discussed in the Bible.

When it comes to masturbation and men aka “chocking the chicken” aka “self-love” there are several things we are certain about: nearly everyone does it. Even some of those who deny are lying.

Forget about the myths, masturbation is actually damn healthy for married and single men. Even though we don’t like to talk about it openly, all we do is to enjoy the pleasure in silence – which is good. After all, even when people have sex with their partners, they don’t shout about it in public.

Perhaps you wonder why male masturbators are increasing in popularity. Well, here’s why…..

  • They massage the penis, just as a vagina does
  • Gives a reduced friction strategy
  • Do not risk you to the “death grip,” as in, excessive squeezing during masturbation
  • Have you been craving for cum sucking? Well, a masturbator will fulfill your craving
  • Last, but not least, they are comfortable for the penis and your hand

If you do not own a male masturbator at such an era, perhaps, you’re not enjoying all of the above benefits. The best part is, you are not late; you still can get one online. But how do you go about it? What are the factors to consider in your buy?

Here’s a guide to buying male masturbators online:

Masturbators are the most common and popular kind to sex toy for men. Probably, this category has more variety than others and, worse of, the most junk. In addition, they are delicious and diverse, though that doesn’t imply they’re all the same.

Basically, male masturbators come in 2 distinct forms: automatic and manual. Manual ones need pumping action using your hands or a partner’s. They give full customization and, at times, tiring experience. Some of the manual once is called fake pussy, fleshlight, penis pump and penis extender.

Automatic masturbators, on the other hand, are run using powerful motors to drive it up and down. As a result, the shaft moves at different intensities and speeds. Some of the automatic once are called blowjob machines.

Comparing the two types based on price, manual ones are less expensive. However, when it comes to comparing pleasure and price, perhaps pleasure is more important. Don’t you think so?
Having talked about the two types of masturbators, it is high time we discuss the points to consider when selecting one.

1. Quality construction

Just as you prioritize on quality for other products you buy online, you should do the same on masturbators. Every dick desires for a comfortable, warm and tight hole. This is especially true when it’s hard enough and throbbing away in a real vagina or ass.

A dick should not suffer from friction burns or excessive squeezing. This situation mostly happens when you hold your cock too often and too rough. Worse of, your penis can lose sensitivity – which is a nightmare any man wouldn’t want to experience.
That is why you should select a quality male masturbator.

2. Material

Besides the quality of the sex toy, you should also consider its material. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone are the common materials.

Unlike TPE, silicone’s quality is high. More so, it feels more realistic. For that, silicone is more expensive than TPE. Cleaning this material is easy and is hypoallergenic as well. People love this material as its odor is mild.

Alternatively, TPE doesn’t have frills and is the basic material for male masturbators. Though soft, its comfort isn’t that pleasing. Different from silicone, TPE is cheap and highly economical. Likewise, this material is generally hypoallergenic – though not usually.

Unfortunately, the material can at times have an unsettling smell. Nevertheless, this odor will disappear after cleaning it for a few times. Perhaps a point you should consider is that the TPE should be phthalate-free.

3. Size

Size is also another thing you should not overlook when buying a masturbator online. These sex toys come in different sizes. Some of them can easily fit in your pocket. Unfortunately, others are big in that you cannot carry them on your trip. Either way, select the size that suits you best.

4. Inner orifice

Masturbators come in wide variations based on the inner orifice. Remember, you’ll be inserting your hard-erected cock in here. So, you can get something that has waves and ridges, just as a vagina. Alternatively, get something tight and straight, just as the ass.

5. Price

In as much as we would want to forget about the price, it is a major thing to consider in our case. Just as we consider price when buying other commodities, we should do the same to masturbators.

Buying cheaply-made sex toys will not give us the kind of pleasure we would get from a high-quality one. As the old saying goes –we always get the kind of products we pay for. So if getting the kind of thing you want means ponying up more money, then so be it!

6. Mobility issues

Do you suffer from mobility issues? If you do then know that some toys might not be suitable for you. Torsos and manual masturbators, for example, might not give great results to those for with mobility issues as they do to those without issues.

On the same note, people who can’t move properly may not get captivated by sensations that automatic toys provide. Fortunately, you can find manual masturbators compatible with mounts.

The bottom line

Masturbation is healthy and normal; don’t fall for the stories and myths behind the subject. So many myths have been passed down from one generation to the other. Most of these are entirely made up and exaggerated!

The truth of the matter is that masturbation is natural and safe not only for single men/women but for married men/women as well. In fact, most people do it once in a day while others one or two times per year.

So get online and use these guidelines to buy the best male masturbator. If you like discretion, then select the size that you can hide from your peers or partner. Enjoy the pleasure secretly!

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