Best penis extenders 2020 – Are they still worth it?

Have you ever wondered how it would be to have a bigger penis?

I have and I know I’m not alone.

What if I told you that I have extended my penis by 20% in the last 8 months with a Penis extender!

This is how I did it

I started in June 2019 and by January 2020 (latest update) I have managed to increase my penis size from 5.2 inches to 6.1 inches!

All I have done so far is using the best penis extender that money can buy – the Phallosan Forte.

I use it 6-8 hours a day and can wear it under my cloth while I work or do daily stuff like shopping.

I have used all this experience to make a list of the best penis stretchers 2020 and information from other lists of penis extenders like this one.

How do I rate the extenders?

  1. I rate them on how effective they are, this is after all the main purpose of buying one.
  2. How comfortable they are to wear, the more comfortable they are, the longer you can use them = better results.
  3. Build quality is very important since this is not a 2-week Project but more like a 6 – 12 month project. You want your extender to last as long as possible.
  4. Finally, the price, this is not as big of a deal since most of the extenders are priced closely.

I rated all the extenders according to this list and here is the highest rated:

Let’s take a look at my top 5 best extenders list

1 Phallosan Forte Extender

Phallosan Forte

This is the device I got when I started my penis enlargement project back in June last year (2019) and the main reason is the amazing way it attached to your penis.

It’s very comfortable to use compared to other stretchers/extenders.

It does not have that silicone noose or strap that you have to tighten over your penis – and that hurts really bad!

Phallosan Forte results:

  • Enlarge your penis by up to 30% in just 1 year (I’m at 20% after 8 months so far)
  • Increase the girth of your penis by up to 20%

What you get

When you get your device, it will include everything you need to get started, including extra sleeves and protector caps.

There is an instruction book included that I highly recommend you to read before you start using it.

You can get the Phallosan Forte at and being you own penis enlargement journey in 2 working days!

Read my full review

Or you can read my full review of the Phallosan Forte here where I get in a lot more details if you need it.

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2 The SizeGenetics extender

SizeGenetics penis extender

This penis extender has been in the market for a couple of years and know to be one of the best extenders. It has been known for its comfort when wearing the device. In fact, it was nominated as the adult product of the year back in 2013.

The product is made from clinically proven and durable material that does not cause any irritations when it comes into contact with your skin.

Also, sizeGenetics has been featured in a couple of media outlets such as TV shows and magazines. Since it was first introduced into the market, SizeGentics has been successful in maintaining efficiency and quality.

The device is clinically tested, and it is proven to be effective in delivering what it promises. However, results may vary from individual to individual depending on consistency and intensity.

Plus other men might be using it in addition to other penis enlargement techniques. SizeGenetics has a feature known as the 58-comfort system. This feature enables the user to use the device for long hours without experiencing any form of discomfort.

Read my full review of the SizeGenetics extender here.

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3 Male Edge Penis Extender

Male Edge penile extender

Male Extender is one of the most effective male extender available in the market. The device is made in Denmark. Although is made out of plastic, the device is very durable so long as you go for an original one.

Yes, countless counterfeit penis extenders are going by the same name in the market, so you need to be more careful when purchasing.

Male Edge penis extender is said to be the second generation. This is because it was an improvement of the original device known as the JES extender.

JES extender is one of the oldest devices which is still available in the market. As much as the device was great at the time, it was not very effective compared to its predecessor, Male Edge extender.

Male Edge guarantees results after just a few days provided you use it consistently and in the right way.

The device has also been proved to cure some conditions affecting the penis such as curvature and Peyronies disease. Due to the fact that Male Edge is a great device, it is predicted that it will be in the market for a long time.

You can read  my full review of Male Edge penis extender here.

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4 JES Extender

Jes Extender penis stretcher

JES Extender is one of the oldest device available in the market today. The Danish-made extender was first introduced into the market back in 1994.

The device has been proven to add measurable inches to the size of your penis. Anyone who thought of enlarging his penis in the past two decades, chances are that he came across this device. However, its popularity today has significantly decreased due to the introduction of better and comfortable device in the market.

JES extender applies the same style as any other traction device for its work. It exerts stretching force known as traction along the length of your penis shaft.

The penile tissues are then gradually stretched causing some microscopic tears to develop within the tissues. Your body will then react by duplicating cells as it tries to heal these tears. One of the best things about this device is that it is made out of quality material that cannot react with the skin.

My full review of Jes Extender can you find here.

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5 X4 Labs penis extender

x4 labs traction device

X4 Labs is among the leading penis extender brands that offer a wide range of variety of penis extenders. With X4 Labs, you can get devices based on your budget.

They have some very cheap devices that anyone operating on a budget can afford. They also have some high-end devices for people looking for some additional features. If you are starting out, you can acquire just a starter kit. However, veterans can go for more advanced packages that come with a broad range of accessories.

X4 Labs is designed in a way that it can provide some unique comfort that will prevent the user from developing soreness and irritation even after wearing for long hours. As far as clinically backing is concerned, this device is clinically tested and proven by some of the doctors around the globe.

Read my full review of the X4 Labs penis extender here.

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Stil not sure what you should get? Read our buyers guide below

Let’s admit it; penis size is a big issue among a majority of men no matter how women may think otherwise. Thousands of men across the world would like their penis to increase in a few inches.

This applies even to men who are considered to have a normal penis size. The good news is that there is a scientifically proven way to increase both the size and girth of the penis with the use of a device known as penis extenders.

Penis extender is a device used to increase the size and girth of the penis without having to undergo painful and costly surgical procedures. Instead, the device uses transaction force that has an excellent track record when it comes to penis enlargement.

Men across the world find penis extenders to be very helpful and effective. Due to their effectiveness, these devices have increased in demand thus resulting in the emergence of many different types and brands of extenders in the market. This has made it an uphill task for most men to pick the best product that will effectively serve their needs.

This article is going to discuss all you need to know about penis extenders.

How do penis extenders work?

There are numerous different designs of penis extenders on the market today, but they all work on the same principle and look pretty similar.

Usually, they consist of a ring at the base which fits over the tip of the penis and rests on the pubic bone. It also has a flexible band which slips over the head of the penis and one or two adjustable and calibrated rods that extend from the base.


Penis extenders allow the penis to be in traction force for 4-5 hours per day for typically a period of 5-6 months. During this period of stretching, the force is thought to trigger a growth response leading to the development of new tissue cells, resulting in a penis length extension.

It is also important to always alternate the periods of stretching with the periods of rest so as to allow the body to restore the stretched tissue cells.  For comfortability and convenience, most of the penis extenders are designed in a way they can be worn beneath loose clothes.

Do Penis Extenders Fit All Penis Size?

If your penis size is considered to be an average or normal size then absolutely yes, any penis extender can fit in comfortably. The average size of a penis differs around the world. However, if you fall between 5-6.5 inches in length and 2-3 inches in girth, then you can be able to use a penis extender for enlargement or enhancement.

Will a Penis Extender Fit if the Size is Above Average?

Definitely yes. However, if your girth is over and above the average, you may need a special front headpiece, basal ring, and an attachment piece. If you are surprisingly long, then you will need to look out for a brand that provides extension rods which measure out long enough to accommodate your size.

does my penis fit

Will a Penis Extender Fit if the Size is Below Average?

Some penis extenders are designed with nothing specific in mind, therefore, if you are below the average most of them will fit. However, if you are considered way below the average or have a condition that makes your penis quite small- then you will have to find a brand that has specific components designed for a very small penis.

Do You Have To Wear A Penis Extender Differently If You Have A Bigger Or Smaller Than Average Penis?

Usually, they will all fit comparatively the same. The only difference is that for a below average size, one will need to use shorter extension rods.

Probably those with only one fastener attachment piece for an upgraded extender. Also, one will need to tighten the fastener attachment tighter compared to the average and above average size.

Plus, one will need to remove the device once in a while to allow blood circulation in the penis. Men with above average size will need to use long extension rods that are capable of using an extender with two fastener attachments. One will need to tighten the device quite less to secure it to the penis.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Penis Extender


In these modern days, it is advisable to consider evidence, real testimonials, and pure facts before purchasing a product. Therefore, it is important that you go for a penis extender that is recommended by health experts, medically supported by research and has a number of trials.

The device should be medically proven to improve overall sexual pleasure and performance as well as enlarge the penis.

The best way to verify whether a product is credible is by checking if medical practitioners have recommended the product and if health care providers certify it.

Ease of use

Another important factor to consider is the ease of use. A good penis extender should have a comfort mechanism that allows you to wear it comfortably with a lot of ease all day.

Ease of use is an important factor because for a penis extender to work incredibly, you will have to wear it in the right way and for as long as possible.

And this is why it is vital that wearing the device does not result in any problems that may interfere with your daily lifestyle routine.


A penis extender should be backed up with the latest research and science available to show that it is tested for potential risks and potency.

In addition, a good production facility or source is a major factor in ensuring that the product is of the best quality. Therefore, it is always important to look out for trusted brands that have been in the business for quite a while.

Not only will this help you in ensuring that the labeled product is safe, but also it offers exactly what is featured in the product.

Mode of working

A penis extender that works naturally should be in your top list factors to consider before purchasing the product.  Here are two features that a natural penis extender should have;

  • First, a good penis extender should have the ability to maintain an erection for a significant amount of time by keeping blood in the tissues of the penis.
  • Secondly, it should have a powerful traction force to naturally stretch the tissues of the penis and induce the division and cell manipulation thus leading to natural growth of the penile.
    In simple words, if any of these features are present in a penis extender, then that is the mode of working you should be looking for.

Side Effects

Usually, most of the products on the market today claim not to have any side effects. However, this may be true for most top brands since they are actually safe to use and do not have any side effects.

Most penis extenders are only supposed to be used for a maximum of five hours per day. But if the required time to use is noted on the product, then it is important that you do not use any longer than that.

Customer satisfaction

Another factor to consider before purchasing a product is researching on what other customers are saying about their experiences with the penis extender.

Customer reviews, media, friends, blogs and forums are all good platforms to know more about a product and to get a picture of how a product is performing.

Customer reviews can come in handy and enlightening before purchasing a product. However, keep in mind that everyone’s penis is diverse and unique. So whatever works for you may not work for another person.

Use reviews from real users as your guide because honestly speaking you will only know what works for you when you try a product and have your own experience.

Company support and guarantee

A company is supposed to support and stand behind their product. It needs to have a guarantee for their product, which is usually around six months.

A customer should be able to contact them anytime in case they have any questions or concerns.

Most companies may claim to be available in case a customer needs their help, but you can double check to make sure that they are really approachable and available.

Benefits of using a penis extender

If you have done any research about using a penis extender, chances are you now know the benefits of using a good quality device.

A permanent and safe penile growth is, of course, the main benefit of using a penis extender. However, these devices also come with other advantages, here are some of them:

Helps you regain your sex drive

Not only do penis extenders make men more aware of their sexual health, but also puts them back in touch with their sex drive.

This means that some men get to realize that their libido has significantly reduced over the past few years.

In some cases, low sex drive can result from the aging process while in other cases, it has a lot to do with how their self-esteem is affected due to their penis size.

As these men continually use the devices they mostly experience a positive change in their sex drive. And if they do not experience any change in their penis size, they start becoming more open to other treatment options such as testosterone support therapy.

Increases self-confidence

Increases self confidence

When there is a change in any part of your life, positive or not, it will affect your wellbeing. And on most occasions, the area that is most affected is your self-confidence.

This explains why most people who lose weight gets a new boost of energy and confidence.

If your penis is below average, there is no doubt that a slight or major increase in size will definitely lead to a positive effect on your sex life.

This will give you a renewed zeal in venturing into healthy relationships and putting your self-esteem on the right track. When a man is confident in his sexual prowess, it will definitely show in every aspect of his life.

Makes you more aware of your overall body health

Using a penis extenders requires a man to pay more attention to his body’s reaction, it encourages a man to be more aware of his overall body health.

Having to deal with the side effects of using a penis extender such as growing pains and increased sensitivity, makes a man more aware of how to react while using the device.

In most cases, this brings a deeper sense of awareness when it to come to the health of his general body.

Improves technique

Increased penile sensitivity is another benefit that comes with penis extenders. You’ll get way more control over when you ejaculate when you use a penis extender.

When you get to learn these techniques, you will be able to control yourself better from early ejaculation. This will not only make you happy but also will make your partner more satisfied.

My final thoughts about the best penis extenders

There you have it; all that you need to know about penis extenders. Used in the right way, they will be offer positive results. However, there are no shortcuts when it comes to increasing your penis size.

Any attempts to overdo the recommended routine in an attempt to achieve results quicker can result in pain and injury. Remember that all you need to achieve results is consistency.

Be consistent with using a penis extender device, and you will be sure to experience positive results within no time.

Say good bye to humiliations from your partner or get embarrassed in the presence of other men anymore.

Set your journey to achieving a big dick in the right note and purchase a penis extender device.

I recommend Phallosan Forte for maximum comfort and results

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Got any questions about penis extenders? Feel free to drop them in a comment below:

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