Best penis pumps 2020 – How they can transform your sexlife!

Finding the right penis pump is not an easy task – You could end up getting scammed by some knockoff brand or just get one that does not fit your needs.

But don’t worry!

I have worked in the adult sex toy industry since 2010 and has done my fair share of testing and reviewing adult products.

This is my all time best rated penis pump list, you are pretty safe if you follow it:

Let’s take a look at my top 5 rated penis pumps

1 – The Penomet


The Penomet is my first pick because of it’s gaitor system and overall build quality. This pump will rock your would and you should be able to see amazing results in a matter of weeks!

The gaitor system

This is a very unique feature that enable you to change the strength of the vacuum in the pump. There are 5 different gaitors and they are all included in the ultimate package.

They are called Force 60, Force 65, Force 70, Force 75, and Force 80.

It will essensialy let you use the same pump all the way from beginner to expert.

What’s the price on this system?

The pump is on the expensive side of things, the 3 different setup comes in at:

  • Standard setup is $127
  • Extra setup is $197
  • Ultimate setup is $297

You will however save a lot of cash when you buy the Ultimare edition, that system will last you a long time and you don’t need to buy more powerful pumps when you need them.

How is the Penomet support?

I did a few email support tests and they responded within 18 hours and way overall very helpful.

This is the penis pump that I recommend

I own a fair bit of different penis pumps, but the Penomet is my go to pump and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

You can read my review of the Penomet pump here.

buy Penomet here

2 HydroXtreme9


The HydroXtreme9 is a very large pump, just like the Penomet. The pump is very strong and I only advice people to get this one if they already has owned and used a pump before.

How much will this pump set me back?

Well, this is about the only bad part about the HydroXtreme9, it cost a whopping $365!

The pump is very well build but it is still a lot of money!

Oh no my very expensive penis pump broke, what do I do?

Well contact support and see what they can do for you. I did and they where very quick to answer the questions I asked.

I recommend HydroXtreme9

To men who has done this before and know a thing or two about penis pumping.

You can read my review of the HydroXtreme9 here.
buy HydroXtreme9 now

3 HydroMax9


This is the “little brother” of the Xtreme9 edition but it still pack a punch and will server most men well.

How pricey is this compaired to the Hydroxtreme9?

Well you can save 50% if you wish to jump on the base model.

It’s priced at “just” $210

I recommend HydroMax9 to

Men who want a big high quality pump and still have some cash left in their pocket.

You can read my full review of the HydroMax9 here.
buy HydroMax9 now

4 Bathmate Goliath

Bathmate Goliath

Update: The Bathmate Goliath has been discontinued. I would recommend you to take a look at some of the pumps in the top 3!

I still got my old review of the Bathmate Goliath if you still wish to take a look at it.

You can find my review of Bathmate Goliath here.
buy Bathmate Goliath now

5 Handsome Up

Handsome Up Penis Pump

This is the only air based penis pump on my list and the only reason for this is the price. It’s very cheap but it’s not as effective and comfortable as the other pumps.

The cheap alternative

This pump is very cheap and you can grab one for sale on Amazon for around $25 – $30. Which is like 10% of some of the more expensive products on this list.

Any support?

Nope, you can try to deal with Amazon support if the pump breaks or anything happens to it but no guarantee!

I recommend it to

Men who are on a tight budget! I would personally wait and save more money to get a decent pump instead.

You can read my review of the Handsome Up pump here.

Update 2020 – This pump is no longer avaliable, it was quite ineffective in the first place so dont worry. Pick one of the pumps in the top 3 and you’ll be good.

Need more information before you make your decision?

In most cases, you will come across this question, “Does the size matter?”

As a man, such a question sounds weird and demeaning because the society is so judgmental when it comes to penis size.

Very few men are confident about the size of their genitals and this topic remains a closely guarded secret in many societies.

No man wants to discuss it openly or even go to an extent of proving how much load he is carrying down there.

Let’s take a look at what you can do about it

Whether it matters or not, your penis size should remain a debatable topic. Maybe, it should be left to ladies to draft their final verdict regarding this sensitive issue, but before it gets to such heights, you need to do something on the size of your penis.

Apart from that, there is always consolation remarks which are coined to boost the morale of those not naturally endowed with size.

That is why you will always hear your woman or girlfriend saying, “The size does not matter, but what matters the most is how you use your tool”.

Well, the phrase is quite encouraging but you should not always dwell on that when you can do something to uplift your ego.

Even though performance could be a plus, you need to have something to brag about and that is the reason you need a penis pump to spice up your game.

In this article, you will learn more about penis pumps, how they work, their different types and how you can use them to achieve your goal.

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is one of the penis enhancement devices that are readily available in the market today. They are fast and you are sure of seeing the results within the shortest time of using this device.

With a high success rate, many people are turning to the penis pump to make a few adjustments on the length and the girth of their penises. In fact, the pump has the capability of improving your penis size naturally as well as triggering a stronger and a prolonged erection.

Sometimes, the pump is also known by the term, “vacuum pump” or rather a “vacuum constriction device” and it comprises of three important parts.

The different parts of a dick pump

  • The pump base-It is designed to create a relatively tight seal at the base of your penis. The base is the only part of the penis pump that comes into contact with your body in the process of enhancing the size of your penis. It is made of soft plastic materials to provide you with some comfort.
  • The Cylinder-The cylinder or the tube is the main part of the penis pump and it is where you insert your penis during the process. The cylinder contains water and air inside as the key ingredients used in penis pumping.
  • The pump-It is usually located at the top side of the cylinder, or in some devices, it is attached to the top using a tube. The pump is used to draw water or air out of the cylinder to create a vacuum.

Choosing your ideal penis pump

The invention of a penis pump has triggered the introduction of more and more other products in the market over a considerable period of time.

In fact, the social media platforms have been flooded with all kinds of information regarding such products. With all that information coming from various sources, it is really hard to know which information is reliable or helpful.

As a result, you will get even more confused when it comes to choosing the right brand of your penis pump.

A slight mistake will cost you a fortune both financially and health-wise. That is why you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge regarding these devices so you may benefit more when you settle for the right gadget.

The secret to finding the perfect product for you:

The secret to choosing the best penis pump lies in your knowledge of the product and how it works to deliver the best results.

You should never base your choice on guesswork or speculation from unreliable sources but take a little of your time to do some research before purchasing the device.

It should be your primary concern to make sure that the product you are going for will meet your expectations by serving you better in a safe way.

For that reason, the following factors will guide you accordingly on your quest to acquiring the right penis pump for you:

The first thing you need to do is to note the type of materials and components that were used to make the penis pump. In this case, consider choosing a pump made of transparent materials, especially on the cylinder.

This will give you a good view to know if the penis pump is really working on you. In case anything goes wrong with the pump, you will be able to see it through the transparent cylinder.

The second factor to consider is to find out more about the device from those who have used it before. If their reviews are genuine, go for it but if not, don’t waste your money and time on an item that will frustrate you.

Lastly, consider the benefits that come with using a penis pump in relation to its cost. This factory is commonly referred to as the cost-benefit-ratio which simply means that you spend your money on what will deliver the results that you have always been expecting.

How does the penis pump work?

The pump employs a simple mechanism or principle whereby it creates a vacuum in the cylinder. When you pump, there is a considerable gain in the size of your penis due to the steady increase in pressure that is exerted.

However, you need to insert your penis inside the cylinder while at the same time, you are pumping out water or air to create a vacuum.

The vacuum inside the cylinder means that there is some pressure deficit and this phenomenon will trigger blood to surge into your penis causing it to expand in a bid to create a stronger erection.

As long as you use the right technique, the outcome would give you an amazing sight of your penis to behold.

Therefore, you need to know which technique would work best for you in the first place.

The 3 most important penis pump techniques

Basically, there are three most important techniques you can employ for you to get the best results instantly. These are:

  • Shaking motion – The shaking motion will originate from around the pelvic region when you use this technique. What you need to do is to be gentle and don’t try forcing the movements. Just take your time and do it in such a way until you eventually realize a good erection. The main idea here is to stimulate the flow of blood into your penis and at the same time giving you a desirable stretch.
  • Stroke Movement – This stroke movement is simple and quite familiar just in the same way you would move your penis when masturbating. But first of all, you need to build up some pressure inside the cylinder and when your penis starts getting accustomed to the pressure, start stroking it up and down. The process should last for about five minutes in order to give your penis a good blood circulation.
  • Alternate pressure – The technique involves the variation of pressure in the cylinder in the same way athletes do at intervals when working out. For a start, you can alternate the levels of pressure, let’s say from 3 in Hg for about 30 seconds. Next, you can lower pressure levels gradually to zero and after 30 seconds, you can increase the pressure once more. This technique has a great impact on your penis’ internal structure and its overall blood circulation in general

Different types of penis pumps

It is evident that everyone knows what a penis pump can do to enhance the size of a penis among other benefits. But one thing you need to know is the type of the penis pump that works perfectly for you.

To begin with, you will find the water penis pump to be quite effective in one way or the other. As the name suggests, these pumps work by filling the vacuum cylinder with water.

The pumps use the same concept like that for air pumps, only that they are more hygienic and very safe when used. In the case of water penis pumps, you are recommended to use warm water for you to realize its potential.

The next category of the penis pumps is the electric one. Their operation depends primarily on batteries as their source of power but the good news is that you will not have to pump them manually when using them.

For that reason, the electric penis pump is a good choice for you if you have the tendency of feeling tired in your hands after a few minutes into nonstop pumping. On top of that, these pumps come with more features than the normal manual pumps but you need to spend a little more when purchasing them.

Why should you consider using the penis pump?

  • They are effective: When you use the penis pump properly and practice regularly, it will help you to achieve the desired results within no time. The pumps have been tested and proven to be more effective.
  • They are affordable: The only cost you will incur lies on when you first purchase them. After that, they are easy to handle and maintain.
  • Non-invasive: The penis pump is preferred the most compared to the other means of enhancing the penis because you won’t need to undergo surgery or use any kind of medication to help you acquire the right size.
  • You can use it along with other products that enhance penis enlargement: This implies that you can use a penis pump with those supplements that are believed to enlarge the penis to achieve better results.
  • Fast erection: It can help you in achieving an erection naturally.

Are penis pumps safe to use?

When compared to other methods of enhancing the size of your penis, these pumps stand out from the rest.

They are absolutely safe and you need not worry about risks of side effects or any complications.

In fact, water pumps are voted to be the safest based on the fact the liquid (water) offers the required amount of vacuum which is necessary for obtaining safe results. Water, in this case, prevents the vacuum from sucking in your sexual organ more than it is enough.

As a result, you end up staying comfortable throughout while using the water penis pump. An interval of between 15 to 20 minutes is highly recommended to enable you to achieve the best results in a safer way.

How do you use the penis pump?

  1. Insert your penis inside the cylinder or tube that the pump comes with.
  2. Get rid of all the air or water from the tube using the pump.
  3. Make sure that you monitor the pressure closely by paying attention to the psychological indicators in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  4. Set out the pumping time and follow it keenly.
  5. Check the vacuum levels for the pump to make sure that it is maintained at a given level for safety purposes.
  6. Release the pressure to allow the inflow of fresh blood into your penis.

Does the size of the penis pump really matter?

The size of the penis pump you are using matters a lot. If the size of the tube on the pump is smaller, you will experience some discomfort or even pain on your penis.

Therefore, you need to use the right size of the pump for maximum comfort and the safety of your organ. The following factors are important when choosing your perfect penis pump:

  • The structure of your penis; is it curved or straight?
  • The size of your penis in comparison to the size of the penis pump


As said earlier, your ego lies in your manhood and the size of your penis is what will give you that confidence when you go out on a date with your perfect woman.

Whether the size matters or not, you need to have some added advantage in order to satisfy your woman.

Your penis is small – Don’t worry?

Go out there and grab yourself a perfect penis pump and get that penis that you always wanted.

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