Best sex dolls

A sex doll is a sex toy in form of replicas of female or male bodies and is mainly used for masturbation. Most of the dolls are female in nature because they are designed for men.

There are also male love dolls for homosexual or bisexual men and women. The love dolls usually have several openings, usually the mouth, vagina or the anus.

Which material is used?

Sex dolls (Love dolls) are supposed to give you realistic sexual experiences. So that everyone will find exactly the doll to his/her liking, there are many different models, which differ in material, features and appearance.

1. Silicone sex doll

A sex doll made of silicone is less porous and therefore less care is needed, which can make a big difference with regular use. An often mentioned advantage of silicone is that it is odorless after purchase as well as after use. in addition, it can show a higher resilience. Cracks or deformations are reported less frequently with silicone.

They are made of soft silicone or latex and allow sexual experiences that almost feel like playing with a real partner. With the different openings of the dolls, a man can enjoy himself through vaginal, anal or oral sex.


  • Ailicone doll often has a more detailed and realistic vaginal and anus area
  • A silicone doll can store heat and is less sensitive to heat.
  • Silicone dolls are easier to clean and less sensitive
  • Love doll made of silicone is more resistant to heat, water and stains
  • Silicone dolls require less maintenance than TPE dolls

2. TPE sex doll?

TPE is a plastic whose main component is natural or synthetic rubber. In addition to rubber, TPE consists of various oils and other types of plastics. Through this combination of different materials, TPE combines the positive properties of all materials used. TPE can be deformed by the influence of heat. TPE can therefore be used to produce any possible shape. TPE is produced without the addition of plasticizers.


  • A TPE love doll is softer and therefore more emotional.
  • The TPE material is more elastic, which makes the love doll more flexible
  • The love doll can store heat for a while, but is sensitive to excessive heat.
  • A doll made of TPE is cheaper


  • The material of a love doll made of TPE is more sensitive to stains of clothing.
  • A love doll made of TPE can “sweat” and stick a bit. Can easily be fixed with baby powder.
  • A love doll made of TPE is in need of care. Proper cleaning after use is very important.

3. Rubber sex dolls

The rubber dolls are not only inexpensive, but also easy and inconspicuous to transport and store, since the air can be drained.

For beginners, the cheaper love dolls made of rubber are a good choice. Before use, the dolls are simply inflated with a hand pump. After that, the fun can start immediately. The use of lubricant is always advisable in sex with a love doll. This ensures a better gliding ability and even more intense emotional experiences during sex.

What types of sex dolls are there?

There are three different types of sex dolls:

  • Inflatable rubber dolls
  • Real Dolls
  • Individual body sections

Love dolls are available in both female and male versions, with the female versions appearing much more often in the media.

They are available in all colors and shapes that you can imagine. Here we introduce you to the different types and different applications.

1. Inflatable rubber dolls

Above all, the inflatable sex dolls are known, which sometimes even appear as a party gag and less often as an object of desire on television. These are similar to dinghies or other inflatable equipment – only of a certain form that you have to inflate or blow first.

They have no skeleton inside them, so you can not bend their extremities or place them in a specific position. Most of the arms and legs are spread wide and both the mouth and the vagina are easily accessible.

The male inflatable dolls are either provided with a likewise inflatable penis or are supplied with a dildo, which is fixed via a suction cup on the doll.

These rubber dolls are not only inexpensive, but also easy to transport and store as the air can be drained off.

In the more expensive versions of the love dolls, the mouth, vagina and anal area of silicone are interchangeable. This allows you to create transsexual dolls by simply using other genitals in the body. Also, such variants of the doll are usually equipped with a skeleton to allow more positions.

Sex dolls cannot get pregnant or transmit sexual ailments unless someone with a disease uses them shortly before you do it.

2. Real Doll

Real dolls are lifelike-looking dolls. They are designed in such detail that you can barely see and feel the difference to a real person.

These dolls are expensive compared to the other dolls. The doll is adapted in detail to the descriptions of the customers and thus every love doll is completely unique.

You can decide exactly what your doll looks like – how hairy, the skin complexion, scars and other hallmarks, and more. Many manufacturers are already experimenting with imitating breathing, orgasm, and skin warming.

These dolls are a bit heavier because of their size, so a male doll of about 180 cm (including the head) has a weight of about 50 kg. These dolls are bulkier and more expensive than their inflatable variant.

The production of such dolls is therefore more of an artistic creation and takes much longer. The genitals are made according to real human.

3. Individual body parts

These are sex dolls which often lack arms and legs and sometimes the head. There is the option to buy only one head or only one abdomen, which are comparable to mastubators like Fleshlights and offer a nicer appearance.

Are there any accessories for your lifelike love doll?

No matter which love doll you choose, thanks to a wide selection of accessories, you can completely customize your new companion. One of the most important components of the doll is the interchangeable sex organ. That is, they can regularly put different vagina shapes in the dolls.

Another great accessory is wigs and makeup. So you can have sex with a wild Latina one day, and the next day with an elegant blonde. You can dress and make up the sex doll the way you feel like.

There are also special stands that hold the doll in a standing position. In addition to these accessories, other accessories such as lubricants and cleaning kit is also available to have a long-lasting and lasting fun with the sex!

Purchase criteria:

These factors allow you to compare and rate sex dolls

Select the right appearance that you have always dream of

The appearance is not just about whether the doll is brunette or blonde with small breasts or a big breast. An important element to consider is the skeleton of the doll. The internal skeleton is what will allow the sex doll to take the position you want.

You will need to consider:

  • The face appearance
  • The color of the skin, clear or matte
  • Chest, small tits or big tits
  • Buttocks
  • The color and shape of the eyes
  • The color and length of the hair

What size are to into?

The size of a doll is important if you have certain preferences about your partner. For example, you can buy a doll that is slightly smaller or larger than you.

It is also important to know the well-known proportions chest, waist or hip, because every user has different preferences.

Every time you buy a doll, you should be aware of the size of each hole and think about it to fit your needs. Expensive dolls can be bought with exchangeable narrow and wide options, the cheaper ones come only with a fixed mounted equipment.


Depending on how much money you can invest in your product, you will be able to buy a more lifelike doll – if you want it. With certain offers there is the option to design the dolls together with the manufacturer or to optimize completely according to your own ideas.

The cheapest options are the more popular inflatable dolls. Real Dolls are by far the most expensive thing the industry has to offer. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a real person and a doll based on the photos.


The outer material varies here between a cheap inflatable material, PVC, silicone and TPE. The basic make can only consist of air or a more stable metal framework.


Many dolls come with certain features that are outside the general design. For example, some manufacturers boast of having created a particularly realistic vagina, anus and mouth inside as well.

Other models can be placed in a hot water bath to simulate their own body temperature. Alternatively, there are some that are equipped with a USB heating device.


Q: Is it possible to bring one’s individual preferences to the design?

A: Real dolls are no longer comparable to the inflatable sex toys of yesteryear. Those who want to buy a sex doll, can now determine the appearance of their own preferences.

From hair color, eye color and cup size you can put together your dream Real doll at will. Various body shapes and facial features are available.

Even details such as skin tone , tone and size of the nipples and fingernails are changeable. Also tattoos can be ordered from some manufacturers .

Of course, you can change your sex doll every day, even after you have made your own makeup, hairstyles, clothes, shoes and jewelry as you like. If you want to make a big change, you can exchange wigs or even the hair .

Q: Is that feeling like a real woman?

A: As with a real woman, there are many ways to live a Real Sex Doll. With her mouth, her hands and breasts, her Vagnia and depending on the taste anus, all fantasies can become reality.

The body consists of a reinforced skeleton with joints under the soft silicone skin.

It is flexible and can be brought into many natural love positions like a real woman. But a real sex doll not only satisfies the physical needs. It can also fulfill emotional needs for affection and security.

Q: How to clean his inflatable doll?

A: Cleaning your inflatable doll after each use will allow you to keep it as new indefinitely.

There is no difficulty, and this task will not take you more than five minutes each time, but we insist that it must be done with rigor in order that you do not encounter any problem related to hygiene not following.

To begin, rinse the internal and external parts with clean water, trying to remove as much impurities as possible (hair, sperm, etc.).

Then, with conventional soap ideally with neutral pH, rub the same parts then rinse again with clear water.

After drying your inflatable doll, store it in a dry, dust-free place so that you can reuse it as soon as you feel like it without having to clean it again.

Q: Do I have to clean the Love Doll every time?

A: To have fun with a Love Doll for a long time, you should definitely use lube for lovemaking. The rubbed areas should be cleaned at best after each use, but in any case regularly.

It is also recommended that the playmate be regularly disinfected. Flushing the whole body with water is not only important to keep the skin clean and pleasantly soft, but is a great way to rediscover the body of the Sex Doll over and over again. That makes for a very special connection.

Q: Is the cleaning complicated?

A: Many Love dolls are equipped with removable parts to facilitate cleaning. Thus, the mouthpiece, the tongue and the vagina can be easily cleaned individually.

In the commercial cleaning sprays and cleaning cloths as well as special vaginal cleaners are offered. The wig can also be removed, washed and combed.

Dolls made of latex or silicone should be washed with a special detergent, the latex version also needs a special powder.

Q: How do I take care of my rubber doll?

A: After experiencing a sensual session with a rubber doll, you should definitely clean it. If it is made of soft plastic, you can just use warm water and soap.

If you damaged the doll in the heat of the moment, you can repair it with a repair kit. Until the next lovemaking game, keep the doll in a dry, dark place.

Q: How long does a love doll last?

A: That depends on two things: The model that you buy and how well you took care of your doll.

With a good care you have more fun. If the sex doll get a crack or a small hole, which should not be there, you can extend the doll life with a repair – there are special kits for it.


Depending on which model you choose, sex dolls can last for several years. Inflatable models are much more susceptible than silicone dolls. But it also depends on how well you take care of your sex doll.

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