Best sex pillows

Sex toys are an enrichment for your sex life. But it doesn’t always have to be dildos, pleasure balls or penis rings: if used correctly, pillows are also a sex toy, which you certainly won’t want to miss.

They come in a variety of shapes and colors, so there is something for everyone. Often, foam is used as a material, while others can be inflated and thus easier to stow away if more space is needed.

Most sex pillows have a triangular shape. It does not matter if you prefer to sit further up or rather sit down, both bring with them very special charms, which can be ideally experienced through a sex pillow.

Why you need a sex pillow

With them, many sex positions can be experienced in a completely new way. Buying these love pillows usually means a lot of comfort and numerous ways to use the pillows.

Whether inflatable or solid, the different shapes provide a pleasurable experience for all lovers of position changes! Because the love pillow can be used very creatively in bed and beautify almost any position. A slightly raised butt, for example, makes women’s missionary work even more enjoyable or offers new perspectives for oral sex.

With the sex pillow you can give your lovemaking a whole new perspective. Absolute insider tip: The combination of sex pillow and bondage accessories ! The captivating experience on the pillow is sure to be memorable for both partners! Who likes it from the back, who is equipped with our love pillow perfect, without dislocations manages the anal sex right off the bat.

Buying sex pillows – an overview of the relevant purchase criteria

Finding the balance between support and comfort is a challenge that not many sex pillow manufacturers master. That’s why the market doesn’t offer too many innovations. The more comfort you expect, the more you have to put down for such a pillow. It can always be worthwhile to pay attention to the cover. Another thing is size and color.In addition to that you should check the following.

Firmness and filling of the sex pillow

If you want to have a sex pillow that can be of help, check the firmness and lining of the model that interests you. Indeed, the appreciation of the firmness of a pillow depends on ones use.

When it comes to filling, feather filling is suitable for sex pillow. People with no special needs will find what they are looking for in this type of upholstery. The synthetic filling is latex or foam and is used for modern pillows and therefore made for people with special needs. Finally, there is the mixed filling and pillows of this type are for people who are mainly looking for comfort on their sex pillow.

Size and shape

While the size of the sex pillow is a personal choice, this is not the case for the shape. Indeed, according to your tastes, you will have the choice between the wedge sex pillows and the curved sex pillows.

A purchase criteria checklist is important to find the right product. Key purchase criteria include:

Customer opinions and their number

Customer opinions on a sex pillow are important. You can summarize what the product can do and give an indication on other possible use. However, this only works if there are many customer opinions and the sex pillow was bought often. Therefore, attention should be paid to the largest possible number of product sales and customer opinions.

Price comparisons

If you don’t want to spend more than necessary, you should compare various products with each other and use price comparison pages. Expensive sex pillows do not have to be of excellent quality than cheap sex pillows. Sex pillow tests on the Internet provide information about quality and make helping to find the right sex pillow.

Sex pillow details

It is important to know the various sex pillow details and to know exactly what a sex pillow can do. Reading various product descriptions can be useful to get a comprehensive picture of the sex pillow. For the purchase of an item further details such as weight, color, color selection design, design selection and handling are important. The more details a product description provides, the better the potential buyer can classify an article.

Useful accessories for sex pillows

The accessories can only be provided by another piece of furniture. So these sex pillows are just an addition to what you want them to be. However, the covers can undoubtedly be regarded as accessories. Such a cover is also easy to wash and replace. So don’t hesitate to pack a few covers with your pillow when you buy it. This saves time and nerves. It is important that the shape is ergonomically formed.

It is also useful if at least two different angles can be taken into consideration when using a sex pillow. Some cushions are also waterproof so they can also be taken into the bathtub.

Most sex furniture has the advantage over traditional pillows and blankets that its softness does not cause collapse and its construction does not break down even during sharper games. Just remember when your partner was working on an ideal zone leading to an orgasmic angle, and this was brutally interrupted by the need to change position, either because the pillow started to be uncomfortable for him/her or the hip support pillow slipped out of the back of the body.

Sex pillows are designed for people of all ages, mobility levels and can be used during both masturbation and partner sex. Thanks to them even known positions gain an element of novelty, and previously unattainable sexual positions become possible.

What are the other benefits of using pillows and sex furniture?

  • They allow you to have sex in a safe and dignified way. This is particularly important for people with reduced mobility, who may not be able to position or hold the body in most positions. Such solutions mean that they don’t have to rely solely on the strength and endurance of their partner to have sex in the different configurations and locations of interest to them. But that’s not all. Properly selected furniture also helps to maintain balance during sex in more acrobatic positions, thus positively influencing the sense of physical security.
  • They reduce tension in the body. Anatomical shapes make the body, as well as limbs and head are properly positioned, which is of great importance during sexual rehabilitation or in the case of those people who experience pain during many positions or only after intercourse. If some sexual positions have so far caused discomfort, e.g. during longer sessions from behind there was pain in the wrists and knees, appropriately selected cushions for sex will relieve the joints and enjoy the fun for longer. Unfortunately, discomfort during sex negatively affects the joy derived from it and significantly reduces the likelihood of experiencing deep orgasm.
  • They compensate for anatomical differences between the ground floor(s) and the body (height, body size), which can be a challenge during sex in some positions.
  • They increase pleasure. Sometimes a small change of position, e.g. lifting the hips and positioning them at the right angle, allows to measure completely new, previously unknown points, which react positively to caresses and ensure their more effective stimulation. Not to mention that thanks to sex furniture, penetration may, depending on needs and expectations, become deeper or shallower.
  • They have a positive influence on sexual creativity. Thanks to these variations, many couples rediscover the joyful tone of sex, especially if they have in their arsenal several copies of sex pillows, which can be arranged in different ways and try out new sexual positions.
  • Prolongation of intercourse. Changing the angle of penetration affects the experience of new types of sensations, which can not only deepen pleasure, but also significantly extend it – especially in the case of those people who tend to peaks too fast, which makes it difficult for them to continue playing.
  • Body secretions are no longer a problem, even during very wet and sticky games. Most sex furniture is upholstered with waterproof and easy to maintain materials that prevent moisture from getting inside, and cleaning after sex is no longer associated with changing bed linen and the need to dry the mattress.

When choosing a pillow or furniture for sex, you should take into account such aspects as: what they are to be used for (playing solo, in a duo), whether they should be mobile (people who often change their place of residence should consider buying inflatable accessories), whether there are any problems to be solved (discomfort during sex, knee pain, etc.).

Smaller sex cushions will fill the space between the body and the eyelid of the bed, couch or floor to support the hips and lower spine, relieving tension in these parts of the body. Larger and more extensive sets will be ideal for positions where it is desirable to maintain the whole body or a large part of it.

Here are the most popular and versatile units. For each model I tried to find a cheaper substitute for the premium version (links under the photos). I deliberately don’t include sex swings in this list, because I would like to devote a separate entry to them.


The double ramps are designed to hold the whole body and are very helpful in backward and face to face positions. In addition, they are very comfortable as furniture for everyday use, on which you can rest with a book in your hand in a comfortable half-lying position.

Single hips will be an ideal support for hips during masturbation, oral sex and penetration. Lifting the hips in lying on the back perfectly deepens the penetration and makes it much easier to stimulate the G-spot.

Chaise longues

Thanks to the sex chaise longue almost every position becomes possible, but it is best suited for positions including oral sex, e.g. 68, levitation over the face of an active person or during semi-standing positions. Not to mention that such a chaise longue in the living room or large bedroom looks very stylish.

Cushions for mounting (and riding) gadgets

Many people like to masturbate when riding down pillows, especially if they like to stimulate a larger area of the volcano. Unfortunately, most home cushions are nailed together and do not provide adequate filling between the legs. So why not reach for a piece that eliminates this problem and, in addition, allows you to put your favorite dildo, vibrator and even Fleshlight.

It is also a great way to diversify virtual sex with another person by offering her a private show.

Rocking pillows

Probably the only model that cannot be satisfactorily replaced by pillows. Gentle rocking is a completely new kind of movement during partnered sex, thanks to which both the clitoris and the G-spot are stimulated.

A rocking pillow will be a great sex accessory for those couples in which one or both people have difficulties with frictional movements.

Foldable poufs

This furniture is ideal for items that include anal penetration. Placing the abdomen on the pouffe places the rectum at the right angle, thanks to which anal penetration becomes much easier and much more comfortable for the passive side.

Additionally, after unfolding the furniture can successfully replace the set of ramps during most of the positions that require lifting the hips.


Sex chair has a whole range of applications. During penetration, it allows you to control the depth, and during a position with a dominant penetrated person, it greatly relieves the body of the penetrating person, because it takes over the whole weight of the partner at the top.

Thanks to the sex stool, positions such as riding or reversed cowboy become much more comfortable, and the elastic straps ensure that the knees are not overloaded when moving up and down.

Each piece of furniture is unique in its own way and can have a positive impact on the quality of sexual life. Ramp and pillow systems are not only great for playing in the bedroom, but also allow you to move erotic action to places that have not necessarily been conducive to games, such as the floor in a large room or to taste the positions that have been a challenge until now.

Their advantage is also that they are very discreet and nobody is able to guess what they are used for. And even a small pillow for sex can turn out to be a variety that will make many sexy evenings and mornings more enjoyable.

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