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Sex robots are dolls, mostly with a female appearance created to impersonate the “perfect” woman: they respect the aesthetic and character canons desired by the buyer.

But how are these sex robots really?

From the appearance and human dimensions, the robots are realistic in every detail and in every part of the body. They are sensitive to touch and may even have their own sexual orientation .

One of the most surprising things is their ability to interact with humans: they can respond to specific vocal, visual and tactile stimuli, even managing to conduct short and simple conversations.

All this is possible thanks to their ability not only to recognize the person they are interacting with, but also the ability to understand their state of mind , to learn their tastes and preferences.

They usually have a soft and realistic skin, equipped with sensors to be sensitive to touch and a sophisticated heating system: it is as if the robot has its own body temperature.

For the movement, there is many micromotors distributed throughout the “body”, so as to make any kind of gesture possible: memories of robots that move jerky and in an extremely unnatural and not very fluid way are far away.

The doll is programmed to fill the loneliness and other unprocessed emotional gaps that constitute a condition of initial discomfort or a problem destined to take root, especially if they are young people with little experience in romantic relationships: the risk of the sex robotit is therefore to increase the insecurities in the encounter with the opposite sex, avoid the fears, the responsibilities and any learning that allow one to lean towards the future with greater awareness and growth.

A relationship with a human being, although demanding and sometimes burning, launches a potentially productive experience to get to know oneself and others and therefore feel the suffering and the pleasure, improve the strengths and face the elements of weakness, something that does not seems to occur in a relationship with a robot . To analyze the context of sentimental relationships and related meanings becomes, therefore, a starting point for understanding the motivations that push certain subjects to select a robotic partner and to discard a human being.

Before any sex robot purchase should be thoroughly researched and compared so that in the end no nasty surprise happens.

What should be considered before the sex robot purchase?

It is definitely recommended that you are well informed before buying any variants, especially if sexrobot is made by several manufacturers. The many customer reviews and experiences can also help you here. But if you can not make a decision, then our comparison chart can be of great help.

The decisive criteria for the purchase

If it is a product that you will use every day, you should pay attention to features such as durability, robustness and stability. If it is a product that you use from time to time, you should not be too strict with the purchase criteria. However, the rule applies that quality should always be taken into account for both variants, in addition to the many other properties. Only after all factors have been taken into consideration can a reasonable decision be made.

Again we emphasize that you should think before buying about what expectations you have of a sex robot, or what this product must have to satisfy your criteria at all. You will be looking at features like:

  • Sizes
  • Brands
  • Settings
  • Areas of application

Sexrobots online buying – Shipping and payment methods

Ordering securely from the Internet is not always easy and a secure ordering option does not only include the choice of a suitable payment method. There are several factors that play a role in this. You should always keep an eye on the exchange right.

With most sex robots, you have the option of returning the product or exchanging it within 14 days. There are also providers of sex robots who offer an extended deadline of up to 30 days. Therefore, it is important that you always choose a safe method of sale when ordering online, as this is the only way you can get a new product in case of damage.

Sex robots customer reviews

Customer reviews of a particular product play a very important role. Their role is not only to evaluate a product as bad or good, but also to explain the problems and benefits to you. So it is very important that you read every opinion about a certain product well, because this is the only way you can create your own opinion. It can be that a certain product is received very badly by the buyers.

There can be several reasons for this. This does not mean that the product is bad. For example, it can be because the handling was too complicated for the buyers, or the individual product details or the color were not correct. One must always keep in mind that opinions can be very different and that when reading these opinions you should always consider what the customer expected from the product. There are many customer reviews that are considered 1-star ratings. However, they do not contain any particularly relevant information, but rather only the user’s anger about a certain thing about the product. It may also be that the purchase was a mistake in itself and that the customer expected something different.

So if you want to avoid such inconveniences, it is important that you read the customer reviews or opinions well and form your own opinion from them. There are also other ways in which you can best test a particular product. For example, you can ask a salesperson in a shop what advantages the product has to offer and then ask him how satisfied his customers are with the product. If you want to take a closer look at the product, then this visit can help you.

The top reviews on Amazon show you the most relevant situation with the particular product. The 4- or 5-star ratings mean that a buyer was satisfied with the sex robot and expresses his opinion about it. Such reviews can be very beneficial.

The most important sex robot tests

In addition to the reviews, the tests also play an important role. These are not always well performed sex robot tests.

Very often they are performed by people who have never seen the product but still want to evaluate it for some reason. It is recommended that you always go to quality testing institutions that provide good and systematic testing. These tests give you the best overview of what you should expect from a certain product. In such a test, the experts test characteristics such as durability, handling and of course the price-performance ratio of a sex robot. For a better overview of the quality of a particular product, you should look at several tests, because this will give you a relevant opinion.

FAQ about sex robots

Q: What materials are they made of?

A: The truth is that in order to make a recreation of a human being, a few materials are needed, but mainly high-quality silicone is used . Thanks to the texture and volume of this material, a representation of the skin is very similar to the one we can feel when we touch a real human being. The body hair and beauty is usually made with synthetic fabrics that get a touch and an image very similar to that of a person, to make us an idea would be like that of a quality synthetic wig.

On the other hand, on the inside there are all the electronic systems that allow movement and human reactions that try to imitate these robots. The great challenge here is not so much the physical appearance, which has reached a level of brutal realism, but the artificial intelligence behind it all. Getting them to be able to react to stimuli or identify what the human sexual partner is feeling is the next step in order to generate an experience as realistic as possible.

Q: Where can one buy sex robots?

A: It is still not easy to find places to buy these sex robots and in most online stores are usually made by order, which sometimes includes personalization of the sex robot. Check the companies that manufacture sex robots because it is a growing market that has yet to be discovered. What we have very clear is that it is the beginning of a new erotic niche with a great journey.

Q: What is the difference between these new real dolls and a banal silicone doll?

A: The inflatable doll was just one of the versions of the sextoy. Real dolls, as they are called, have a much more sophisticated look. Real size, they have an articulated skeleton capable of adopting the postures of the human body, and are coated with a synthetic material that reproduces the same texture as the skin. They are Hyperrealistic, go as far as displaying visible veins on the arms and genitals “usable” (they are then removable to be washed). Note that there are some male models, with flaccid or erect penis, depending on preference.

Q: Is it true that they are customizable?

A: Indeed, the customer can choose the color of the skin, eyes, hair, chest size, etc. The basic female model sells for about $ 4,000, but the number of paying options is constantly growing because it is a luxury craft, not an industrial manufacturing. Wealthy clients have even had a replica of a real woman of their acquaintance (it cost them up to $ 70,000).

Q: What are the other characteristics of these dolls?

A: They are spectacular! These robots smile, can hold a conversation, tell jokes, quote Shakespeare, remember your birthday … and of course have sex with you whenever you want. We can also choose a name for this artificial companion, which she will remember and she will pronounce, and select her character traits in a list: kind, intellectual, adventurous, fun, etc. Depending on the combination, his conversation can be very different. So for sex: at the zero level, she is a good girlfriend who prefers to avoid the subject; at level 1, a woman in love but quite modest; at level 2, a provocative and a little vulgar lover. For now, this information is still stored in the cloud and controlled.

Q: Is there something done to trigger an attachment to humans?

A: The more realistic sex fiction becomes, the more the machine is able to express feelings (joy, anger, sweetness, etc.), the more its role expands. When the loner poses a more classic doll on the couch next to him to watch TV, he can comb her hair, sleep with her. It truly becomes a company and a bulwark against loneliness. Forms of attachment are created. “So imagine tomorrow, when the virtual girlfriend will greet her owner with a big smile on her return from work and send her text messages to remind her that she is languishing when he is not there.

Q: Are they dangerous?

A: This question can be focused in several ways, we defend that it depends on the use that is given and the responsibility of each person, they can be dangerous or not. At the level of physical integrity of the consumer, at the moment it is hard to imagine that the housing or merely physical part of the robot can generate great damage. Although we could find situations in which the weight of the structure could cause an accident or that the realization of complex sexual practices generate significant injuries (although this could happen between humans as well).

What may be more worrying would be a hacking of the operating system of these sex robots , as this could cause a third party to control the device and may end up causing much harm to the consumer. Or that the artificial intelligence is revealed against the human being, as we have seen in some movies . That is why it is vitally important that security systems move hand in hand with these new technologies.

We see some type of legislation and regulations concerning control and limit the use of these robots and thus avoid the greatest number of possible accidents. For ethical reasons, use should also be limited to minors and other cases of people who may suffer from a mental or behavioral disorder, although all of this will be seen as these products reach the markets and real cases will arise.

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