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HansomeUp review 2019The HandsomeUp penis pumps is a very cheap option if you’re on a budget. The pump is not as effective as the more expensive water based penis pumps (Penomet, HydroMax X40), but it does a decent job for the price.

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  • Rock hard erections in 5 min.
  • Increase your penis length
  • Increase your penis girth
  • Last longer in bed
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Update: The handsome Up pump is “okay” for the money, but I would advice you to take a look at some of the water based penis pumps on this list of best penis pumps here.

What is the Handsome Up?

Handsome Up is an effective penis pump which you can try. It has been tested to ensure it can help in increasing the size of both the girth and the length of the penis.

It is also effective in helping you improve your sexual performance. Simple design makes it among the best penis pumps you can buy.

The working of the device is very simple; it comes with a CD to teach you on how to get started. Even if you have never tried the device before, you should not worry because the penis pump is very easy to use.

If you have never tried Handsome Up before, you will realize it is among the easiest devices you can ever use. There are several features which make the penis pump stand out.

HandsomeUp Penis Pump review

How does this penis pump help me?

When looking for a penis pump, you should look for one which will help you increase both the girth and the length of the penis.

The designers of the penis pump took time to come up with a reliable unit which works very well in increasing both the girth and the length.

You can be sure of a strong penis both in length and girth upon trying the penis enlargement pump. It is among the best pumps which come in simple designs and they are very effective in aiding in the penis growth.

Some of the features and benefits of using Handsome Up include the following:

Improves sexual performance

The design of the pump aims at improving the function of the penis. The suction applied on the penis leads to enlargement of muscles in your sexual organ area.

The overall effect is an elongation and the improvement on the quality of semen. You can be sure of enjoying sex greatly upon application of the penis pump.

Entry level penis pump

If you are getting started in the penis pump application, then the pump can be a great decide to start with. It comes with a simple design which allows you to easily get started.

When taking into consideration the simple design and features available on the device, you will realize it is a great device which will assure you value for money.

3 different rubber base seals

The penis pump comes with three different rubber base seals. You can use the small size, medium or large. The availability of the three different seal sizes allows you to have one which can perfectly fit on your cock. With the application of
different seals, you are sure of having a comfortable fitting device on your penis so that you can enjoy your sexual performance.

20 cm clear cylinder

The clear cylinder allows you to track the progress as you apply the penis pump. The markings on the cylinder make it easy to know the length at which you have elongated the penis. It is a bulb style pump which takes care of many concerns as you try to increase the size of your penis.

Quick release bulb

To allow for comfortable application, the penis pump comes with a quick release valve which allows you to release the pressure if you feel like it is becoming too much.

With proper application of the penis pump, you can achieve up to 35% increase on your penis length and up to 25% on your girth.

You do not have to fear anything while applying the penis pump. It has great design which makes it possible for you to enjoy great peace of mind as you apply it.

Straightens penis curvature

If you have a problem of penis curvature, you should not worry because the penis pump has great design to assure you great performance.

There are cases where the penis curvature may be worse to an extent where having sex is so painful. You should not worry if you have been disturbed with such a case; you can rely on the Handsome Up penis pump to improve the curvature of your penis.

Use of high quality materials in making the penis pump eliminates cases where the pump will fail. There are many people who had penis curvature and length problems, the application of the pump has helped them a lot in increasing the length as well as correcting the curvature problem.

It is unlike applying surgery to correct the penis curvature issue. Application of the pump allows you to exercise the muscles till they straighten.

Safe an high quality materials

The materials used to make the penis pump are safe and of high quality. You can be sure of strong and bigger penis upon application of the penis pump.

Different tests have been carried out to ensure the penis pump is safe for you to use. There are different parts which have been incorporated to enhance your safety as you apply the penis pump. For example, the use of rubber seals makes sure you can enjoy your application process.

Other peoples reviews

Enhances sexual performance

There are different factors involved for you to achieve the best sexual performance.

The penis pump has great design to allow you achieve the best when it comes to sexual performance. There are times when you may fail to maintain your relationship due to failure to satisfy your lover. You can change things for good upon application of the penis pump.

The pump allows you to work out the muscles in your penis till they elongate to the perfect size. The pump is also effective in increasing the girth of the penis which is necessary if you are looking for ways you can satisfy your lover during sex.

Apart from increasing the length and the girth of the penis, the pump is also effective in improving sexual stamina. You will feel confident each time you are in the act which will make your partner fully satisfied.

It is very convenient for you to buy the Handsome Up penis pump. Upon ordering online, you will access discreet shipping. If you would prefer keeping your matters secret, you do not have to worry because the pump will be shipped discreetly to your home so that you can get started. It is a reliable pump you can try to improve your sexual performance.


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