Homemade Penis Pump – Yes, They Actually Works

Have you ever thought about getting a penis pump only to get shocked by the price?

Well you’re not alone.

The good news is that you can build your own homemade penis pump with stuff most people already have.

But you can get really cheap penis pumps as well – Right?

Yes, that’s true and some of them does work reasonably well considering the low price.

But price is not the only factor that you should consider when you get yourself a brand-new sex toy.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should build it yourself:

  • Built quality – Cheap penis pumps are not well built and could easily break after a few pumping sessions. It might only cost you $15 for a pump but that does quickly get expensive if you break a few of them.
  • The fear of getting seen – Going to an adult sex toy store is a big no go for a lot of men. What if you meet you best mate or a colleague down there? It should not be a problem, but most of us don’t want to risk it.
  • Getting scammed – Don’t want to get the pump at your local sex toy store? No problem, just buy it online and avoid the risk of getting spotted. Well you could do that and I actually recommend this option if you are going for a well-known brand. But the cheaper once are often counterfeit once that are sold on dodgy looking websites that you shouldn’t trust your credit card information with.
    The sex toy industry does have a bit of a bad reputation and there is a reason for it.

I would suggest one of the pumps from out best penis pump list, if you want to make sure you get a good penis pump that does not break.

Keep it simple and effective

I have made quite a few DIY penis pumps in the past and there are ways to make some really fancy once if you spend some time and materials on them. This is a guide to the most simple and effective penis pump of all the once I have made.

All the materials should not cost you more than $2 and most of you will be able to find it all in your house.

Alright no more talk, let’s get staring

What do I need to built my own penis pump?

Let’s take a look at some of the materials and things you need in order to build it:

Homemade penis pump guide 01

A bottle

This is going to be the vacuum chamber where your penis is going to be. The bottle could be made of thick plastic or a glass.

The glass bottle requires a bit more work since you need some kind of saw to remove the bottom of the bottle, but it is doable.

The bottle should be at least 2 inches/5 cm longer than your erect penis length and have an inner diameter of 1 inch/ 2.5 cm. more than the width of your penis.

Some kind of sponge

I use a small sponge made for dishwashing but you could really use any kind of soft foam material.

You could take a small piece of an old mattress, a sleeping pad or any kind of soft sponge.

Duct tape

This would really not be a DIY project if I didn’t use duct tape. All you need is a piece of around 10 inches/25 cm. long.

Some kind of hand pump

This is the only tricky one where you might need to source it from a store. You might be lucky to pick one up at the local dollar store or a hardware store.

Get one from Amazon or eBay if you don’t live near a store that sell small hand pumps. They should not cost you more than $2.


You need some kind of tool to cut the bottom of the bottle with. This can be done with a sharp knife of a saw blade. You need a special saw blade if it’s a glass bottle.

And then you need a glue gun or silicone gun to attach the pump to the bottle.

Let’s build the homemade penis pump

Gather all the parts and tool you need, the hand pump, bottle, sponge, duct tape, and hot glue.

Cut the bottom of the bottle off. This is really easy with a plastic bottle (I’ll add a guide to a glass bottle later) and can be done with a knife or a saw.

Homemade penis pump guide 02

Take the sponge and cut strips of roughly 1 cm thickness (0.4 inch). You need the total length of the strips to be equal to the length of the bottles diameter where you cut it off.

Don’t worry about being precise, just cut enough, you can always adjust the length.

Homemade penis pump guide 03

Cut a piece of duct tape that are 2-3 cm. (1 inch) longer than the diameter from before and place it on your working area with the sticky side up.

Place the strips of sponge in the center of the tape.

Make sure that the sponge does not go all the way to the end, leave 1-2 cm (0.5 inch) of free tape on each side.

Homemade penis pump guide 04

Place the bottle with the edge that you cut off on the sponge middle and role the tape around the bottle.

Now fold the tape inward and attach it on the inside of the bottle.

This can be a bit tricky and the tape might fold a bit. This can be fixed with another piece of tape later, so don’t worry.

This will create a nice soft cushioning instead of the sharp bottle edge.

Homemade penis pump guide 05

Cut or drill a hole in the bottle cap that are a tiny bit to small for the end of the pump but just enough so you can force it in.

You don’t want to leave any room for air to escape, this will decrease the efficiency of the pump.

Homemade penis pump guide 06

Hot glue the end of the pump in the cap hole and let it cool off. Try to get the glue all the way to the bottom so it can help preventing air leaks.

Homemade penis pump guide 07

Test your homemade penis pump for leaks, they will most likely be in the top where you attached the pump to the bottle. Try to apply more hot glue – if this fail then start over by removing all the hot glue and this time to use some electrical insulating tape around the end of the pump there you attach it to the cap.

Now enjoy your brand new $1-2 penis pump.

Homemade penis pump guide 08

I’ll update this DIY guide once I have made a glass version.

Feel free so ask questions below!

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