HydroMax9 Review 2020 – The rebranded X40, still the same awesome power

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Review summary:

hydromax9 reviewThe HydroMax9 penis pump is a good starting pump for men with about average penis size. Theres lots of room to grow both in terms of length and girths.

HydroMax9 benefits:

  • Up to 30% longer penis
  • Up to 25% wider penis
  • Longer erections
  • Longer lasting erections
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Quick Introduction:

The HydroMax9 is the latest addition to the company’s line up of penis enlargement devices. When it was first launched and claimed to be more powerful than the existing X series penis pump devices, I was a bit skeptical about its performance.

But that was before I put it to use. In this honest HydroMax9 review of mine, I will describe the features, the benefits and disadvantages and what’s new in this penis pump.

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The HydroMax9 is the most potent water based penis pumps in the market today. It is larger than the HydroMax9 but is smaller than Bathmate Goliath. It has been designed perfectly to be used during a bath or shower.

Unlike air based pumps, these water based pumps are way more effective and you will notice results just after the first use. The company has been present in the market for a very long time and has proven its worth to hundreds of people.

The pump and other components come in a very discreet case which is robust enough to store the parts for a very long time. The HydroMax9 is packed with incredible features which are discussed in the following sections.


The Incredible Pump

The HydroMax9 has the largest chamber in the X series. The maximum length of this device is 8 inches or 210 mm and a maximum diameter of 8 inches or 203 mm. it is available in 3 different colors – clear tube, semi-transparent red and blue tube.

New Bellows Pump

By introducing new and modern materials in its built, the company has created a unique bellows system. It is stronger than its existing models and extensively durable at the same time.

It also provides you with more flexibility. This means that now you can create higher suction effects with a much less effort than before. The company smartly has also increased the internal bellows size.

The number of convolutes have also been reduced which means that there is plenty of room for an increased girth expansion. The overall power has been substantial increased by 35 percent due to these advancements.

Advanced Swivel Action

The previous rigid system has been replaced by a fresh swivel connection system.

The advanced swivel connection system between the body of the pump and the bellows now presents you the ability to twirl the device through an angle of 360 degrees.

This is one of the most incredible changes that this device showcases. The new advanced swivel action allows you to acquire full visual chamber viewing all the time. It also lets you fine-tune the inclined angle to appropriately suit shower/bath or pleasure ring usage.

Detachable Comfort Pad

Bathmate has added a newly developed super soft comfort pads for the ultimate experience. It now enables the Max9 to provide a much tighter and comfortable fit against your body.

This in turn ensures that there is no loss in suction and that the pumping is less. The soft touch on the outer edge provides superior comfort while the stiff inner tube establishes a powerful and robust shield from the inside of the bellows, around your penis.

These comfort pads are easy to remove and clean for better hygiene.

Advanced Superflow Latch Valve

The most important and technically challenging modification that the company has made in this device is the re-designing of the valve that is used to control the water flow through the device.

The makers have now added a new switch or latch to the valve which enables you to close the regulator to prevent escape of water while filling the pump.

Therefore, with this new feature you can fill the pump with just one hand while getting the accessories ready with the other hand. This new valve has also been designed neatly to seize pressure for a longer time.

A slow pressure release mechanism as also been introduced to make certain that you do not over pump. This feature provides superior protection at all times!

New Measuring Guide

The HydroMax9 has been provided with a newly re-designed metric and imperial measuring guide.

The readings are easy to read and understand. Therefore, you don’t have to convert the measurements to a known one any more after every exercise.

hydromax3 vs hydromax5 vs hydromax7 vs hydromax9

HydroMax9 benefits

  • Here are the benefits according to my personal HydroMax9 review:
  • It provides a 35 % success rate
  • Increases 1-3 inches of length
  • Increases the girth upto 40%
  • Enhance self confidence
  • Instant visible results
  • Gains are permanent
  • Treats Erectile Dysfunction
  • Aids you last longer in bed
  • More efficient than traditional air pumps
  • Intensifies orgasm
  • Enhances sexual stamina
  • Enlarges your penis head
  • Comes with 2 years guarantee
  • Works perfect in showers and bath
  • It also works great with air
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • This device is too long for lengths less than 7.5 inches.
  • To hold onto gains, you must use it consistently.

What’s New?

  • It features a new Swivel Bellows system that enables you to twist the device through an angel of 360 degrees.
  • It now incorporates an advanced soft sealing that provides superior comfort around the base of your penis. It is easily removable and cleanable. It fits perfectly so that you have to pump less but still get superior gains.
  • It produces 15 percent more power than the HydroMax7.
  • The re-engineered Super Flow Latch Valve helps you fill the device with only one hand, sparing the other to collect accessories and attend other businesses.
  • The new Imperial and Metric Scale delivers measurements in known units and provides enhanced visual viewing area.


The HydroMax9 is not simply a sex toy but much more than that. It is an incredible device to increase your penis by a subsequent percentage.

It also helps men fight against erectile dysfunction and enhances self confidence and esteem by making you last long in bed. This device expands the tissues of your penis by creating a vacuum.

With consistence use, these expansions in penis tissue can be permanent, leaving you a longer and wider penis. Therefore if you are looking for ways to get a bigger and wider penis, HydroMax9 is the most effective tool you can get.

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