Prostate massage

Prostate massage also referred to as prostate milking is the direct stimulation of the prostate gland with the main objective of expressing prostatic fluid, either with or without achieving orgasm.

Prostate massage involves using a finger or a toy which is inserted into the anus to reach the prostate gland. The gland is then stimulated using various techniques to express the prostatic fluid.

Most men have confessed that prostate stimulation has led them to the most powerful orgasms of their lives. On the other hand, there are still men who are hesitant to exploring prostate massage or milking.

Most of these men believe that involving prostate stimulation in their sex lives may confuse their sexual orientation. However, this is not true because men of all sexual orientations have similar sexual anatomy and they can enjoy all kinds of sexual stimulations.

Sexual orientation is simply determined by who you are attracted to and not what you do in bed.

Read on to get information about why you would want to stimulate your prostate, the best and safest way to go about it.

What exactly is the prostate?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland found deep inside a man’s pelvis, and it helps in jacking off semen up with essential nutrients.

The prostate is comprised of tissues known as stroma; these are secretory glands that produce muscle fibres and semen components. It is located right in front of the bladder.

Actually, the urethra runs through the prostate, and this is why prostate problems can adversely affect a man’s urinary function.

How to do prostate massage manually

Prostate massage or milking can be done in two different techniques; internally or externally. Both of these techniques can be performed manually and using a special prostate massage toy.

Some men prefer one technique over the other, whereas other men switch between them. In any case, prostate massage helps in improving the flow of blood in the penis, promote the health and integrity of the prostate tissue and help enhance urinary flow.

To prepare for a prostate massage, you need first to empty your bladder and bowel. If you are having the massage done manually, get a condom or a nonlatex glove and some lubricating gel.

Then you can either get on all fours on the bed or floor or lean over a table. Now you can go ahead with your self-prostate massage or have your sexual partner assist you with it.

Here is how to do a manual prostate massage using a finger:

  • First, lubricate your finger then insert it into your anus and gently search for the prostate. The prostate feels like a small round ball.
  • Once you’ve located the prostate, apply some light pressure on it for a few minutes then pull back slightly to release the pressure.
  • Advance the finger once more and gently apply light pressure on the same or a different spot. Hold for a few seconds and release the pressure. Application of light pressure to the centre of the prostate releases some fluid at the tip of the penis.
  • Repeat this process five to ten times. You may get an erection, which is normal.

Another approach to manually massage your prostate is using a finger to apply pressure to your perineum- this is the area located between your anus and scrotum.

You may choose to use or not use a condom or glove with a lubricant to massage this entire length of perineum for some minutes.

How to do prostate massage with a massage device

If you decide to use a prostate massage device, there are many devices on the market today for both internal and external use.

However, it is important that you choose a device that is specially made for prostate massage and not one that is considered as a sex toy.

Also, don’t go for one that claims to be both for prostate massage and sexual pleasure. Always keenly read the product’s information before making your purchase.

Prostate massagers that are designed for internal use are inserted into the anus. And since the anus tissues are delicate, it is vital to use a device that has been made solely for this purpose. You may find other devices that have a vibration feature while others do not.

When using an internal prostate massage device, it is important that you lubricate it well before inserting it into your anus. Those that have a vibration feature will vibrate when they are pressed against the prostate.

The vibration helps to improve blood flow, relax the gland and reduce inflammation.

On the other hand, external prostate massage devices are designed in a way that you can sit on them; this applies pressure to the perineum. Irrespective of which prostate massage approach you choose to use, it is important to exercise some patience.

Usually, it takes several weeks before you can notice some appreciable benefits of daily prostate massage.

Why does prostate stimulation feel so good for guys?

The anus and areas surrounding it are packed with nerve endings. That is why anal play feels really good whether you are having sex with a man or woman.

The prostate has numerous blood vessels that enlarge with the increased flow of blood as part of the normal sexual response cycle. The increased blood flow helps to make the anus and surrounding area more sensitive which boosts sexual pleasure.

However, it is unfortunate that anal play is surrounded by stigma. In most cases, anal play is considered to be dirt, and once in a while, you may hear jokes about the anus being the exit only. But this type of thinking limits the pleasure you can enjoy.

The human body is created amazingly in that parts such as the anus and vagina have natural functions, but they can also be used for pleasure. Trying out diverse sex-related acts does not make you dirty, it is just normal.

How do you and your partner stay safe while experimenting with prostate stimulation?

When it comes to having sex, there are two types of safety: psychological and physical safety.  Psychological safety is important than usual when exploring a man’s anal area.

Safety starts with permission. Prostate stimulation is not something that you surprise your man with. Usually, it takes some preparation. In most cases, it means preparation involves bringing it up verbally before getting down to business.

Next up is physical safety, this helps to avoid any anal trauma. The lining of the anus and the anus itself are highly sensitive. And as much as the anus can stretch to a certain extent, it does not lubricate itself.

Therefore, it means that without proper precautions anal stimulation can result in severe pain, tearing of the anal tissues and infections.

The first step in preventing any anal trauma is washing your hands with some soap and water. After that, slip on a latex glove or a condom, if you like.

Wearing a glove or a condom protects both of you by ensuring that you do not transfer any anal bacteria to your partner’s vagina or your penis after prostate stimulation.

Also, the gloves can be helpful if your partner has long nails, they reduce the chances of injuring your anus and make any necessary clean up easier.

Does prostate massage make a man a little gay?

This is one of the most common concerns that hold back a majority of men from exploring the pleasure that comes with prostate stimulation. It has now come a time to shatter this myth once and for all.

Sexual orientation is all about who you are attracted to and not what activities you do with your body. It is similar to how both straight and gay men love blowjobs; all men can enjoy prostate stimulation.

What to do if your partner is not into prostate pleasure

This may come as a surprise, but with the right information and tools, most of the women are glad to explore this sexual experience with their partners. Most women enjoy giving their men the intense pleasure and release from prostate stimulation.

Purchasing an audio guide and a handbook can help you introduce your woman to the idea and clear up any doubts that she may have.

If whatever reason she is not convinced or not into it, do not be frustrated since you can still explore highly pleasurable prostate stimulation during masturbation.

Is prostate massage addictive?

Some men are worried that they will get hooked or addicted to the intense pleasures of prostate massages. However, whereas you may experience intense erotic pleasure through prostate stimulation, it will not ruin your other sexual desires.

Think of it as a great steak at dinner, you may love it eating it once in a while, but it does not make a great burger any less desirable.

Benefits of Prostate Massage

Greater Volume of Ejaculate

The prostate gland has smooth muscles which contract during orgasms thus supplying much of the pumping action that is experienced during ejaculation. Pleasurable prostate stimulation physically expresses the gland hence yielding huge amounts of prostate fluid.

Increased urine flow

According to recent studies, enlargement of the prostate gland is one of the main causes of difficult urine flow. The reduced pressure due to the released fluids during a prostate massage can help get your urine flow back to normalcy.

Erectile Dysfunction

As much as there is no scientific evidence to prove that prostate massage can improve erectile dysfunction, most of the doctors agree that it can help in theory.

The theory behind improving erectile dysfunction involves an improvement in the flow of blood resulting from prostate massage. And since erections result from a good flow of blood, then any increase could potentially lead to improved erectile dysfunction.

Painful Ejaculation

Painful ejaculation can result from an infection or inflammation in the prostate, epididymis, urethra and seminal vesicles. The pain may also be a sign for a blocked ejaculatory duct.

Prostate massage can help to reduce the inflammation and make the ejaculations more bearable. Another cause of painful ejaculation is tight pelvic muscles; this may be due to an infection or inflammation of the prostate.

Physical manipulation of the tight pelvis muscles during prostate milking can help to reduce the pain.

Prevention of prostate-related diseases

Some of the most common prostate-related diseases include prostatitis, prostate cancer and of course Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.

It suffices to say that proper and regular prostate massage helps in preventing some of these unwanted illnesses. Prostate milking helps in getting rid of prostatic fluid build-up that is responsible for prostatitis.

Some of the symptoms of prostatitis are spots of blood in the urine, stinging sensation while urinating, aches in the joints and painful ejaculations. And trust us, you would not wish to acquire this disease.

Moving on swiftly to Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, which is also known as an enlarged prostate. This disease makes it really difficult for a man to urinate properly. Lastly, there is prostate cancer, and there is no need to elaborate more about cancer and its implications.

Therefore, simply put the improved functions of the prostate massages in preventing cancer.

More intense orgasms

We cannot simply talk about prostate massage without relating it to the more intense orgasms and better sexual performance.

So, let’s get into it. The surrounding area of the prostate gland is covered with nerve endings that are highly sensitive. Prostate stimulation via the rectum acts as an additional source of stimulation.

The combination of the prostate and penile stimulation has for long been known to generate orgasms that are of much greater magnitude.

Non-ejaculatory orgasms/ Super orgasms

Unlike the common belief, ejaculation and orgasm are two diverse phenomena. Ejaculation happens as a result of orgasm and not the other way round.

Orgasms that are as a result of prostate stimulation take advantage of a secondary arousal pathway. Such orgasms are due to non-ejaculatory events which are known for their tremendous intensity that is often felt all over the body.

Paves the way for role-reversal

Prostate massage provides an ideal opportunity for reversed roles. The prostate massagers can be used by couples and also presents an occasional chance of swapping up the gender roles.

These devices are perfect if you have been looking for something to spice up some critical aspects of your sex life.

The best prostate massagers

Before getting deep with some of the best prostate massagers on the market today, let us first explain what they are.

Anal plugs dildos, male G-Spot stimulators or butt plugs are other popular names for prostate massagers. They were first designed for medical purposes to stimulate the prostate gland.

Before the development of any of these devices, the prostate gland was stimulated using fingers, but this did not succeed every time. In these recent days, it is possible to reach it comfortably, therefore be ready to receive intense pleasure with these devices.


An ace by zemalia is muscular perineum and prostate massager for men. This device is equipped with a heating function and two motors for intense prostate massage. Therefore you cannot afford not to try this sex toy.

It also has a smart control which brings more interaction and makes it easier for a pleasant prostate massage.


Sandy has a remote control thus making it easier reaching the prostate. This prostate stimulator is not recommended for beginners because of its width and length.

It has ten powerful vibration modes which will give you pleasure and make you feel in paradise.


This butt plug has five different modes with five intensities in each of them. Therefore, you have 25 modes in total to choose from and more ways for you to explore.

Primo is completely waterproof and is designed with a pinhole charging port. This means that you can use it in the shower, in your pool, in the bathtub and any place you wish. It is also equipped with a heating core that has the ability to heat the vibrator to about 1oo.4°F (38°C). The heat provides a better satisfaction when reaching out for the prostate.


This anal plug stimulator can be used either with or without a remote control. It is more convenient to change the intensities and modes with the remote control if you are using the device by yourself.

This sex toy has a compact size to reach the prostate. Therefore it is really comfortable to put in and out. However, if you often practice anal sex, then you may find it quite small.

Rocks off Big Boy

This sex toy is quite big and can be perfect for experienced users. It has three large bulbs for extra prostate stimulation and a full feeling. Just like the other Rock off models, this device is nicely curved to sit on and rock back and forth.

It is also powered by a vibrating bullet which can be easily removed and cleaned. The top part of this device is slightly angled to offer a firm prostrate massage which most men love.

Bottom Line

With all these tricks and tips of prostate massage now you know how to take your sex life to the next level. Remember that using your fingers is a great way of getting started before you can advance to the prostate massagers.

After perfecting the art of prostate massaging you can now take the next step on your journey to prostate nirvana.

There are numerous designed sex toys to make your job a lot easier and exciting. Also, remember that practice makes perfect. Therefore, in order to hit the home run, it will take a lot of practice.


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