Safe Guide for Male Sex Toys

Buying a sex toy can be quite a doubting task to a majority of people. While you are busy thinking about what size, shape and texture you should look for, you end up forgetting some important factors such as the material it is made from.

However, when you consider that sex toys are meant to be used on some of the most sensitive parts of our body, you will begin to realise how important it is to put such safety measures into consideration.

When buying a sex toy, you would expect that such a sensitive device would apply all the intended safety measures. However, when it comes to some gadgets, this can never be further from the truth.

There is no specific body mandated to regulate products safety in this industry. Lack of regulations means that manufacturers are at liberty to manufacture products as they wish.

Therefore, it is all upon you to carry out your due diligence and know which product is safe for you and which one is not. Also, while using the products, there are some safety measures you should apply to make sure that you stay safe.

This article will discuss more on safe guide for male sex toys.

Know Your Toys

As mentioned above, there is no government regulations when it comes to sex toys quality standards and safety.

That means that you need to carry out your background research to make sure that you get a product that will effectively meet your needs and ensure your safety. Failure to know your sex toys well could result to a very painful experience.

Initially, manufacturers used phthalates to make sex toys which is a potentially harmful material. The material was helpful in increasing the softness and flexibility of the toys.

Today, phthalates is no longer used by most manufacturers. However, there are countless other materials used to make some sex toys that may potentially harm the user.

In some instances, men have suffered serious damage on the reproductive organs, prostrate and testes. In severe cases, some men have developed various forms of cancer.

Phthalates can sometimes be referred by different names or found incorporated in some other material such as jelly, vinyl, rubber and polyvinyl chloride.

So, since the main function of phthalates is to soften the sex toy and make it flexible, stay away from sex toys which are extremely bendable or have a jelly-like feel.

Some of the best material you should consider while buying your sex toy include silicone, hard plastic and glass. Sex toys made of silicone are often the best choice since they are long-lasting, easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

Use Your Sex Toys Safely

Men need to apply extra caution when picking a sex toy especially when they intend to use it internally.

Prostrate massagers and butt plugs can easily get stuck in the rectum especially when one gets a bit rough with them. However, it is quite difficult for such an occurrence to occur if they are used in the right way.

You see, it is normal for the rectal muscles to react when you put items inside it. This reaction tends to pull the items deeper inside. The reaction is natural and is meant to prevent shit from falling out.

When using sex toys in the rectum, this reaction can be dangerous if not properly handled. So, it is important to use lots of lubricants and always make sure you go for anus sex toys bearing the features below:

  • An ergonomic grip to help you or your partner to keep a handle on things
  • A flared base to prevent the sex toy from sliding too deep into your anus
  • A material that is safe to the skin that will not cause any uncomfortable rushes
  • A safety switch for vibrating sex toys to help you shut it off immediately if things get out of hand

Using the right sex toy especially one that you intend to use in the rectum can be a lot of fun even if you are just an armature. It is your responsibility for you to know your body so that you can know what it can handle.

For sex toys to be used in the anus, water-based lubes are the most recommended.

This does not exclude sex toys such as cock rings which do not necessarily require much lubricant but can still get stuck the same way. In fact, it is quite easy for the rings to get stuck on your penis if you don’t use them the right way.

So, it is important to use penis rings correctly and always go for ones with the following features:

  • Have a safe skin material such as silicone
  • Bears a flexible ring that can easily stretch to accommodate a penis of various sizes
  • Textured finger, ergonomic or easy grip handle to help you slide it on or remove it without hurting your skin

When used correctly, a cock ring can become your favourite sex toy. While reported injuries caused by a cock ring amount to only 2%, they can occur to anyone.

It is recommended that you should never try wearing a cock ring for more than three hours. Also, only purchase your penis ring from reputable brands and always remember to be careful with your sex toy.

Buy Your Sex Toys From a Reputable Company

Since the sex toys industry is unregulated and the fact that you are going to use some of these toys internally, it is important that you buy them from reputable retailers that you are well aware of.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying products from brands you have no idea of and market their products with unclear marketing terms. However, there are still some small brands that produce remarkable products.

Carry out your background research before dealing with such a company to ensure that their products not only gives you pleasure but are safe for you to use.

The best way to know if a company is credible is by reading some of their customer reviews online. You can also choose to get the product from the company direct to avoid counterfeit goods produced by middlemen in the market.

Also, products purchased through some third parties may not offer you with all the necessary information you might be looking for.

Avoid Sharing Sex toys

When it comes to sex toys, the common phrase that sharing is caring does not necessarily apply. It is a common misconception among a majority of people that lonely people only use sex toys.

The truth is couple also use sex toys during their sexual intercourse to achieve a stronger, wilder and longer climaxes.

So, while sharing a sex toy with your partner, always make sure that you do it with caution. Whether it is a pocket pussy, cock ring or butt plug, make sure that you’ve properly cleaned it before sharing it with your partner.

This is especially important for couples who use anal toys since the anus is full of bacteria. If you are not in a position to clean the toy, make sure that you use a condom. Put a new condom before giving it to your partner the same sex toy to use.

Clean Your Toys After Every Use

Cleaning your sex toys after use is a very important step in ensuring that you are safe from any infections. However, as important as this may be, statistics have it that approximately 20% of all sex toys users admit to not cleaning their devices after use.

Such a habit can be very detrimental especially if the sex toy is used internally or shared among partners. There are quite a number of infections that dirty sex toys can spread.

Among them include HIV, HPV as well as other STDs. Always use some warm water and soap to clean your toys. However, if you are smart enough, you can invest in some sex toy cleaner or renewal powder to make sure that your toys are free from bacteria.

Here are some few tips to put into consideration while cleaning your sex toy:

  • Material – Sex toys come in a variety of material. The key here is to know your device well and the type of material it is made out of. Using cleaning products that are not meant for the specific toy can damage or worse ruin it.
    To know the kind of material your sex toy is made out of, check on the packaging box it came with. However, if you have already lost or disposed of the box, you can check out online.
  • Use Small Amounts of Mild Soap – A majority of people think that they need to clean their sex toys using some harsh soaps so that it can get properly cleaned.
    However, this is not the case, using a harsh soap can damage sex toys made from a more sensitive material such as cyberskin.
    Also, insist on only using soaps that are free from any fragrance while cleaning your sex toys. This is especially important for devices that have been made of porous materials.
  • Don’t Submerge any Electric or Battery Operated Toys – Probably you already figured out this one yourself, but still, I will go ahead and emphasise the point anyway.
    You will ruin any motorised sex toy if you submerge it in water. It will then not matter how clean you will wash it because it will not function as it is supposed to anymore. Instead of submerging such toys, use a damp cloth and some mild soap to clean them.
  • Use a Dry Towel to Dry off Your Sex Toy After Use – It is important that you use a clean, dry towel to dry off your sex toys after use. Don’t be tempted to use a dingy towel hanging over your bathroom.
    This is because unless you are alone and never have any visitors using your bathroom, the chances are that the towel is holding some bacteria. Always make sure that your sex toys are completely dry before storing them.

Store Your Sex Toy Safely in a Clean Environment

After you’ve cleaned your sex toys, you need somewhere clean, private and safe to store them. It should be a place where you can easily access it so that you can grab it whenever you are on the moods.

Look for a dark and cool place. Excess heat can damage some sex toys made of some specific materials. Also, avoid locations where there is excess moisture such as the bathroom.

If you are worried about someone finding out your sex toy by accident, then you should consider investing in a nice storage box.

Bottom Line

Adult sex toys can enhance any play session. This is irrespective of whether you are going it solo or sharing the experience with your sexual partner. These devices are quickly becoming among some of the most important possession.

If you are a newbie looking to start this journey, we hope this guide will help you make an informed decision. If you are a veteran, we hope we’ve helped shade light on some important safety tips for male sex toys.


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