Sex training

There are many ways to spice up sex; one idea is using sex toys. There are many reasons to try them, although for some people it may be an uncomfortable topic at first.

Apart from providing creativity to your sexual relationships these toys help you to improve your sex life and are good for sex training.

A research shows that those women who uses sex toys experience far greater satisfaction than those who haven’t tried them. In addition, many women (and some men) cannot reach orgasm alone. However, the possibility of an intense climax can make sex more pleasurable – the combination of toys and body contact can increase excitement and help you explore your body in different, sensual ways. Here are some tips on how sex toys can improve your sex life and how sharing fantasies with your partner can make you closer.

Types of sex toys available

There are many types of toys in the market. The first time can be overwhelming. With a little more experience you may know what you like, but if you’re thinking about including your partner in the equation you should first think about how he/she might feel about it. Having a conversation about some of these points can help you come up with stimulating and fun ideas.

  • There are many types of toys that can be used anywhere on the body, but are designed specifically for the clitoris, vagina, penis, or anus. Some may work well for you and some may not, but this is normal.
  • There are a variety of sizes, materials and designs with the goal of stimulating different areas in various ways.
  • Some are vibrators (with different power levels), others have bumps and roughness to stimulate key points, and some combine all these elements.
  • Some sex toys are specifically designed for couple sex, such as vibrating rings and dildos.
  • Wives and silk ribbons can be used in pairs, but don’t forget to take turns.
  • The use of lubricating gels with sex toys can help increase pleasure and sensations.

It may take time to find the right one for you or your partner but getting rid of prejudices is a good way to find out which sex is best for you.

Introducing sex toys

Once you know how they work, you may have to think about how they might work in your partner. Finding new ways to play is very exciting and a great way to spark sexual relationships. However, communication in a couple is essential and it may be necessary to talk about it in order for your partner to open his or her mind.

Even for people with a more open mind, a sex toy can be taboo. You or your partner may feel insecure about adding new elements to what is already a passionate sex life. First, it’s important not to show up with anything without talking about it first. And secondly, it’s important to respect limits, even if you have different tastes. Although some people keep their toys to themselves, if you want to explore the experience together it’s a lot of fun, and you’ll soon discover that desires and fantasies can take your sex life to another level.

How to use sex toys correctly

Sex toys are objects that serve sexual stimulation. These include dildos, vibrators and cock rings.

Sex toys are enjoying increasing popularity. The most popular sex toys include:


A dildo is a device that is very similar to a vibrator. So you use it for penetration. Because it is made of soft material, it is even better for insertion into the vagina than a vibrator.

Another difference to the vibrator is that a dildo does not vibrate. In addition, women experience through this sex toy a pleasant filling feeling. Some dildos also have a crooked shape, which makes it easier to reach the G-spot.


A vibrator is an electro-mechanical sex toy made of plastic-like material, which is modeled after the male penis. Vibrators are equipped with a small electric motor that triggers vibrations. The surface feels either ribbed or smooth.

Vibrators are a popular way to increase pleasure and are good for stimulating the woman’s clitoris and vulva. But there are also special vibrators for the anus or the chest.

Penis rings

A penis ring helps the blood to accumulate in the erectile tissue, i.e. the erection is strengthened and maintained. The right size is decisive: If the penis rings are too large, the blood runs back again. If the penis rings are too small, blood congestion can become painful if the material cuts into the skin. If you have little experience with penis rings, it is better to use flexible materials such as latex. These can be cut quickly in an emergency. With more experience you can try out metal rings: Since these do not give way, you must sit perfectly. You can read more about penis rings here.

This is a ring that is placed around the penis. Mostly it consists of:

  • Latex
  • Silicone
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Leather

By wearing a penis ring, the limb can be made harder. To increase the effect of the ring, it is recommended to brush it with a lubricant. To prevent it from congesting, you should wear a penis ring for a maximum of 20-30 minutes and not too tight.

Penis cages

This sextoy also helps to achieve a more stable erection and delayed orgasms. Depending on the model, you and/or your partner can also be stimulated: Sheaths with pimples on the outside for the woman, on the inside for the man. Some are shaped like a penis and others are just like an extra skin or like a net.

As with the penis ring, you should pay attention to the diameter. This is because there can also be a dangerous blood congestion, so that the penis is stuck in the shell. In other cases, the skin is irritated by a too tight fit. Therefore, remove the penis sheath immediately if you are in pain. Even when the penis sheaths are closed, they do not replace the condom, contraception or protection against sexually transmitted diseases.


A Dildo is an uncomplicated Sextoy, which is offered in many variants. You can stimulate your partner with it or you can watch her do it. There are also so-called “strap-on” dildos, which make role-playing possible. Many dildos can also be used anal. The top priority: moisture during and after this time. In this case lubricant helps. Wash sufficiently after each use.

There are even special sextoy cleaners for this. Otherwise it can actually come to infections. By the way, these hygiene measures apply to all the following sex toys! When buying, you should pay attention to good material without softeners, such as silicone and latex. There are also models made of wood or glass. But caution: If you want to use the dildo for a long love play, heavy dildos become sometimes exhausting.

The Vibrator

Vibrators are used like dildos, their exciting plus is vibration. But exactly this aspect holds many pitfalls. Some models drown out pleasure noises by humming too loudly, others are so strongly adjusted that the erogenous zones become almost deaf. The only thing you need to do before you buy is to try out the volume in the store or read many reviews.

Cheap products can overheat after prolonged use and even cause burns. Good models are quiet, waterproof and have several vibration programs. To stimulate the partner, even small vibrators are well suited. You can’t do anything wrong with silicone.

Masturbators, love balls, eggs and electric stimulators

Masturbators come in many variants – from the anatomically genuinely shaped vagina to the inconspicuous egg for your trouser pocket. The basic function: you insert your best piece into a canal with a little lubricant and experience a feeling similar to that of sex through up and down movements.

You can real more about male masturbators here.

Some work without your help, so that you have your hands free. The material is usually rubbery. Often pimples or other stimulation structures are present. You should pay particular attention to user-friendliness when purchasing: Can the masturbator be individually adjusted to adapt the pressure to your needs? Can the “pleasure channel” be easily removed for cleaning? There are also masturbators to throw away.

Love balls and vibrating eggs are also suitable as pair toys. Especially if you can control the vibration by remote control. You should only use love balls and eggs that have a return loop.

Electric sex toys stimulate the erogenous zones with self-adhesive electrodes. The stimulation current moves in the area that is also used for physiotherapy. Examples: Finger vibrators, or gloves for special massages. Electro-sex is not suitable for people with heart disease or pacemakers. Also before the application at breasts, nipples, the head and generally the upper body half is warned – the current may never flow over the heart.

Sex training with vaginal cones

Vaginal cones are small, differently shaped dildos of different weights that are inserted into the vagina by a woman. The training consists of holding the weights in the vagina against gravity.

Vaginal trainers are available in the sex shop as Sextoy, which also serves to strengthen the vaginal muscles, in various colors and designs, but also as a straight medical product – sometimes even on health insurance.

The principle is always the same: the woman clings to the vagina trainer with her PC muscle and can thus combine its strengthening with a pleasurable pelvic floor training experience.

At the beginning of the training you should test what weight you can just hold with your vagina. Most cones are offered with weights between 20 and 70 grams. If you can easily hold the cone for more than a minute while standing or walking, you can move on to the next heavier weight. Women should wear the small cones twice a day for about 15 to 20 minutes.

More is useless, on the contrary: longer carrying can exhaust the pelvic floor and even cause sore muscles. After two weeks of training with one weight you should switch to the next heavier cone and then continue with it.

You can do bowling exercises at any time by the way. Tense the pelvic floor muscles (not the buttocks!) briefly, hold and let go again. Start with ten repetitions, then increase the frequency and intervals of tensioning. It is best to train alternately while standing, walking or lying on your back with your buttocks raised.

Penis training with Sextoys increase the standing ability

Which man doesn’t know this – the climax comes much too fast, the sexual energy breaks its spell and then the relaxation sets in. But in most cases the desire to prolong the love play a little next time comes just as quickly. You can train an extension and intensification of sexual activity effectively, which leads to completely new erotic experiences, whether alone or in pairs.

On the market, there are various aids for training stamina and endurance. From Fleshlight, for example, there is a special masturbator for penis stimulation and stamina training. Many manufacturers also offer so-called penis pumps. These practical and easy-to-use aids can be used effectively to maintain an erection.

How to clean, maintain and store my sex toys?

Whether you are a couple or alone, sextoys are accessories that must be taken care of because it is of course important for your health but also for the quality and life span of these little toys. Depending on the material used, maintenance and cleaning may be different. How can we take care of them so that they stay as they were on the first day? We tell you everything!

So follow our advice to store your sextoys properly, in order to avoid a disaster… 😉

Use, maintenance and cleaning of sextoys

To taste the ever-changing joys, you must pay some attention to your sextoys, before, during and after their use. First of all, it is important to consult the instructions for use of your favorite device because some sex-toys may have specific features to take into account: not all are waterproof for example.

Also, for use, pay attention to cleanliness and during each report, make sure to clean the sex toys properly.

As for the use of intimate lubricants, never use silicone based lubricants if your toy is made of silicone. Indeed, the silicone in the lubricant could react with that of the sextoy, and damage the surface of the latter. A watchword therefore: silicone toy => only water-based lubricants!

Sextoys are intimate, personal accessories and should not be lent. If you really want to share them, then make sure you protect them with a condom they change users.

Each sextoy is then (and quickly) wiped, cleaned with an antiseptic soap.

For anal sextoys, it is recommended to take even more care in cleaning, because of the pathogens that nest in the colon. You can even use very hot water, and it is advisable to disinfect them depending on the type of material.

  • If the sextoy is made of pure silicone, without any mechanism inside: this type of sex toy does not use batteries. It can be cleaned with very hot water or washed with soap and water or with a special sextoy cleaner. Can also be washed in the dishwasher and it is recommended to dry it in the open air.
  • If the sextoy is made of Pyrex glass: this type of glass is stronger than traditional glass. Very easy to clean, dishwasher safe or washable in soapy water, or boiled.
  • If the sextoy is made of plastic or acrylic, it is recommended to wash it with warm water and soap, or with a cleaning product for intimate toys.
  • If your toy is made of metal, it is easy to maintain and very resistant. It is possible to boil it, wash it in soapy water but do not put it in your dishwasher because it could oxidize. In addition, some detergents that are too strong can leave traces or even damage the surface.
  • If your toy is made of rubber, jelly or latex, it is important to know that the surface is very porous. It should be thoroughly washed with moderately warm water and soap only. However, it is advisable to rinse thoroughly to remove any traces of soap that could damage the material and also cause irritation. The ideal is of course the specific cleaner for sextoys.

Whatever the sextoy, except for metal and glass, never use cleaners containing alcohol. We recommend the use of specific products, cleaners and disinfectants that you will find in our shop. They are specially designed to clean, disinfect and, above all, not to damage your toys, whatever their material. Feel free to use them! Their use is very simple: spray the product on the sextoy, let it work for a few seconds, rub it with a soft cloth and rinse with water. All you have to do now is dry.

For drying, if you can’t air dry them, use a soft cloth or a clean towel for the surface of the sex toy. Note that for male masturbators, when it is not possible to turn it over like a sock, it is necessary to pass a soft cloth through the cleaning hole and pull it out through the entrance, indeed the humidity tends to remain nestled inside.

How, and where to store my sextoys?

First of all, we recommend that you dry your sex toys thoroughly and store them in a dry, dark place and remove the batteries when possible. For devices with rechargeable batteries, be sure to recharge them every 2 or 3 months because rechargeable batteries can be damaged if they are allowed to fully discharge.

Ideally, each sex toy should be stored in a separate box or in an individual case (many sextoys are provided with a house, don’t hesitate to use it!). Keep them in a place at room temperature, not above a radiator! Of course, your sextoy “storage” place should be a storage place isolated enough not to be overtaken by your children or a zealous guest.

Possible hiding places:

  • In the middle of your underwear: a place to be preferred because there is little chance of people going there to stick their noses in. Perfect for prying eyes!
  • In a coat pocket: only if it is a coat that is close to your heart and you can’t throw it away. This can give it a second use….
  • In an unusual place, like in a boot for example. However, it is best to put your sex toy in an airtight bag before hiding it in it.
  • In a special sex-toys box: not very discreet, attracting the eyes and curiosity, it is nevertheless an excellent place away from the light and temperature differences, it is also generally closed by a padlock, in order to avoid prying eyes…

Above all, do not hide and store your sex toys in your garden, they must be kept in a dry place and not be influenced by rain, soil, etc.. Do not put them in the refrigerator either: the thermal shock will not suit him and you can be sure that you will not either! The only exception: glass or metal sextoys, which can store cold and hot for original sensations…

Be careful, it is important to separate the sextoys from each other and to avoid leaving them in contact with each other as much as possible. Indeed, the material of one could damage the material of another, it is always difficult to predict the chemical reactions that can occur between different plastic materials. Some materials, such as silicone or skin imitations, are particularly fragile and can become discoloured or stick to the neighboring sextoy.

That’s it, with this you know everything you need to know to properly maintain and store your intimate toys, and offer them an optimal longevity!

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