Virtual reality sextoys

Virtual reality sextoys are on the rise, revolutionizing the world of eroticism. Toys with VR promise deceptively real stimulation thanks to the latest technology.

But what is Virtual Reality Sex actually and how does a Sex Toy work with Virtual Reality?

In VR sex, you can not just consume erotic films, but experience and interact. VR sex toys take cybersex to the next level – you become the main actor from the viewer.

This is also ideal for sex training as it’s very close to the real deal.

Virtual Reality Toys usually consist of a combination of conventional sextoys, which are connected via Bluetooth or WLAN to the Internet and often have additional visual gadgets.

cyberskin vr toy

The internet capability allows direct communication either between two sextoys or virtual worlds.

How does a Virtual Reality Sex Toy work?

Basically you need two connected devices for Virtual Sex. A virtual reality headset for displaying virtual worlds and a corresponding sex toy like a male masturbator or vibrator.

On the VR screen you can see what happens to the second device, the toy, and transfer their own movements to the picture.

VR sex view

Virtual Reality Sex works either with animated characters that react to tempo and rhythm or with real actors in 3D erotic strips or POW sex. With the Virtual Reality Masturbator, for example, you can create your dream woman by using the app itself.

The idea is that you experience all kinds of sensations as if it were a real situation, and that this really affects all your senses, “playing with reality and your brain” to create a much more pleasant situation.

Currently, the most prominent thing you can find in the virtual reality market for sex will be the possibility of enjoying a very hot and morbid situation through virtual reality set.

To do this, you must incorporate this device and everything will start to flow. The feeling of masturbating, or even maintaining relationships with another person while you are emulating what you live through this RV device is really a whole new experience, that the most daring will be launched to try without any doubt.

However, this is only the beginning, since other types of toys in which this technology has been implemented are already being developed, as well as very complex erotic virtual reality systems that allow you to live the experience much further, getting to have silicone sinuses and vibrators to simulate a complete sexual relationship through virtual reality.

As if it were a complex system based on various video game supplements, the possibilities for both women and men are really interesting, since some of the star products that consumers look forward to include all kinds of devices to place in your intimate parts, and even controls to handle such devices at your whim, and so everything flows just like it happens in your VR glasses.

Long-distance relationships and sex – Virtual Reality makes it possible

There are more and more long-distance relationships today. For these couples, there are toys that are remotely controllable via smartphone app and over which one can simulate common sex despite spatial separation – a long-distance relationship 2.0.

long distance relationship

Sex over long distances can be implemented, for example, with the Max Masturbator by LOVENSE . Using the app, she can control his desire via app or both can synchronize the movements of their Sex Toy for VR via the Internet or Bluetooth.

The combination of the Onyx Teledildonic Masturbator and the Pearl Vibrator makes the two toys usable as a partner toy through innovative Teledildonic technology. The movements of the dildo are transmitted via WLAN or Bluetooth to the male Toy Onyx and thus simulate sex despite spatial separation.

Virtual reality sex toys package

There are a few things that you need to enjoy the Virtual Reality sex with the virtual reality sex toys.

  • A Virtual Reality glasses.
  • A Smartphone.
  • The special Virtual Reality app.
  • Special made Virtual Reality porn films.

If you have everything you can then step into the virtual reality world to enjoy virtual reality together with the Virtual Reality (VR) glasses. It is as if you really have sex with the players in the porn movie you are watching at that moment.

The newest high-tech sex toys

The Hello Touch

This device is a small band that contains a motor and is placed on the wrist. From there, two flexible silicone pads are released, which must be placed on the tips of the fingers. When the engine is turned on, the pads produce multiple vibrations that generate pleasure in the parts of the body where they slide. It is created for both internal stimulation and for the clitoris. It costs 60 dollars and is available on Amazon.

The iPhone as a vibrator

Applications like ‘Sex Drive’ generate binaural tones that produce a stimulus in the brain through hearing aids and increase sexual desire. ‘Sexy Vibes’ turns the iPhone into a multi-speed vibrator. There is also the OhMiBod vaginal massager, which connects to a ‘smartphone’ via Bluetooth.

Masturbator with virtual reality

Oculus, creator of the Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses, presented a male masturbator with virtual reality. It works like this: the penis is introduced in an electric masturbator activated by a Novint Falcon, a kind of mouse that sends stimuli that in turn generates sexual images of an anime girl through the Oculus glasses.


Designed for couples at a distance, this device simulates intercourse by transmitting in real time what a person is doing at the muscular level with their sexual organs. The accessories are sold separately and there is a model for the man, called Zeus, and another for the woman named Hera. The session is mediated with an iPhone application that connects via WiFi and transmits what is happening from one device to another. A similar device is RealTouch that connects to the computer through a USB port.

10 tips if you want to buy virtual reality sex toys

1. Consider your own preferences and interests:

Of course you have to know and appreciate yourself before you want to buy virtual reality sex toys. Because the selection is huge and nobody can really deal with all the toys personally. So, what makes you really horny? Even if you do not immediately think of a sex toy, you can certainly feel the scene in your head with sex toys wonderfully.

2. Research, inform, get advice:

If you’ve been thinking about the type of virtual reality sex toys, you should not buy anything. Granted, sometimes the temptation is great when you’re about to stumble across an offer. But most of the time, it’s the small differences that determine the quality of a sextoy. Nobody will blame you if you are not well versed in sex toys. But if you want to buy sex toys, you can inform yourself in advance in detail.

3. Accessories included:

Of course there are also numerous suppliers with different accessories at different prices. However, many shops have such a wide selection that a comparison is worthwhile. What does it matter to you if you want to buy sex toys?

4. Keep an eye on the budget:

Virtual reality sex toys are fun, but they are not food. Therefore, it makes no sense to put your entire monthly budget in new toys and live for weeks only of bread and water. But fortunately there is still the piggy bank – and many sextoys are so cheap that you will not blow up your purse anyway with the purchase anyway.

5. Explore possible uses:

It may sound like a truism, but already many a customer has found long after the purchase of sex toys that he can not use the new acquisition. Sometimes the format just does not fit, often singles buy but also toys, which can be used only in pairs. And some sex toys require the support of a second person. Also important: how discreet do you have to be at home? Do the walls have ears or do you have particularly curious roommates?

6. Note individual virtual reality sex toys characteristics:

Sex toys are now made of very different materials. Clear that the properties of the toy depend significantly on it. Whether a dildo made of silicone, hard plastic or glass, you will certainly be indifferent, just to give an example. Again, you should know what is important to you and possibly even advise you.

7. Evaluate quality and durability:

If you want to buy sex toys, you quickly realize that there are not only the best quality toys on the market. With reliable providers, you will certainly find the higher quality toys, but there is also a lot of scrap elsewhere. So take the time to examine a product.

8. Maintenance care and cleaning:

Good things cost money, but should also last a long time. This also applies to sex toys, so it depends on the proper cleaning and care. Of course, this is not a secret, because hot water combined with a mild soap and / or the use of a toy cleaner spray is often sufficient. For toys made of rubber, however, there are special care products that keep the material supple and prevent cracks. If vibrators or other sex toys have replaceable batteries, you should check them regularly: leaking batteries can completely destroy the technology.

VR-Porn: Technology & Creativity Need Much More “Love”

Like all pornographic experiences, VR porn is also used. Above all, a certain uninspiredness of many VR porn is observed: The variations are limited to a minimum, the potential direct voyeurism is rarely exhausted.

This could counteract experiments like the one presented above, but one must be very passionate to buy such expensive equipment for masturbation purposes.

Whether RealDolls are the future of VR sex, we dare to doubt, even if idea and experience, of course, continue to steer the VR medium in the right direction ( maximum immersion ). However, it would be equally useful if the recording techniques (no, we mean that technically!) Improved the VR movies and higher-quality 3D effects would be achieved.

Sometimes it is awkward to correctly set a VR headset like PSVR , HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and find the right position (the position of the viewpoint, of course!). And often the general quality of VR porn is not enough.

Virtual Intercourse with Real People

Being able to have real sex with his favorite camgirl is almost too good to be true. However, that seems to be a reality now. At least in the form of a simulation.

All you need is a VR glasses and a RealDoll. In addition, one must look for a suitable live cam on CamSoda. Then it can start with the “real” virtual sex but then already.

Now you synchronize the sex doll with the Camgirl and turn on a special smartphone app, via which the stimulation can be controlled.

Probably in the future in the porn business more in the direction of interactive VR sex will be experimented. In addition to the pure voyeuristic satisfaction of needs, the technology also offers some potential in the interpersonal real relationships. For example, an improved technique could make far-reaching relationships much more intense.

The biggest problem with VR porn is finding the right shot with the right video player. There are different image formats, depth settings, changes in screen size, inclination and rotation to observe. Mostly this means a lot of fumbling until it fits at some point.


Good is what makes you want to. After all, you know best which sex toys will bring you to the climax particularly well. It is therefore good to consider buying virtual reality sex toys.

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